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Our ANNUAL Halloween and Christmas gift pages

Fantasy Attic's 2017 MADNESS ABOUNDS gift page has begun on October 1, 2017 and will continue until we run out of items (or days filled). Spread the word to all and have fun with the goodies created for this year.

Every day will stay online until the end of October, before being moved to the FreeZone or Market (depending on their rightful destination) exception is that some will be time sensitive.


Want to help? What can you give?? I am so happy you asked ... anything you create:
Models (characters, props, etc.)
Textures (animals, buildings, people,clothes, etc.)
Merchant Resources
Painted hair

The list is endless -- questions? Then contact me.

Read more information HERE and please contact me if you wish to be a donator too..

October 2017 has 2 Contests !!
Are you ready for Halloween?????

Contest #1

Marpenoth ~ 10th Annual Feast of the Moon ~ Dark Fae ~ October 2017 Contest

In olden times the Feast of the Moon was a night of feasting and the telling of tales of battles and hero's long past.

Many tales were told of how in ages past battles were waged against evil and creatures of malign intent.

Some were against fae folk that were of a darker nature then those that were percieved as kind and helpful. Such as the Boggies, Bogles, Boggarts, Abby Lubers, Brownies and many others. The more malevolent ones, Erlking, Mogwai and the Yaksha for example ... well let us say ... best notify your next of kin if you run afoul of one of them.

So your challenge is to shine light on the members of the dark fae races and just what goes on during the night hours among them and just how can you escape their attention ... especially if it is unwanted .....

Since this be the month of Marpenoth you are allowed up to five (5) entries this month, not entered in a contest anywhere else, must be original and you have till midnight on the 31st to get your entries in.

So enter often, have fun and the album can be found HERE

Contest #2

Marpenoth ~ 10th Annual Feast of the Moon ~ Gothic Halloween ~ October 2017 Contest

Welcome folks, tis the fall season, with Halloween around the corner, the time when the veil between this world of the living and the world of the dead is thinly stretched and passage twixt the two is possible.

Gothic means different things to everyone, there is the architecture of the period that comes to mind. These days, it is a fashion statement with quite a following.

Then there is the version that I prefer, gothic in the manner of the subtle, the barely hinted at, the breath at the back of your neck with no source.

Yes, the type of gothic that does not rely on violence of a physical nature to scare, but uses your mind, emotions and fears against you.

So how will you depict the GOTHIC side of Halloween?

Since this be the month of Marpenoth you are allowed up to five (5) entries this month, not entered in a contest anywhere else, must be original and you have till midnight on the 31st to get your entries in.

So enter often, have fun and the album can be found HERE

2017 COTM Challenge

"Monsters Incorporated"

We all know what month it is and we all know what that means! This is that time of year when the spooks, goblins and ghouls come out. And this year, we want to see them!

For this month when the Veil Between the Worlds opens to admit those from another plane of existence, let the monsters and aberrations come forth in all their dark and mesmerizing glory! Let's see your Vampires, Trolls, Were-Creatures, Drows/Trows or other dangerous Fae. Bring out your Old Hags, Shape-shifters, Gnomes, fearsome Dragons, Wraiths, Wyverns, Liches, Mages and Sorcerers! Summon Lovecraftian Horrors from the Deeps, Demons and other mythic beasts! Party to "Night on Bald Mountain".


Use any character you like, however keep in mind it is Halloween and THOU SHALT BE SCARY!

MAKE YOUR OWN DARK TALE OF HORROR! Or illustrate someone else's - like Poe, Lovecraft, Derelith, Robert P. Howard and others.

Have them dancing around a fire; working great magics; stalking their prey; carrying their prey off elsewhere. Are some of them your ancient ancestors or a love from long ago, come back to give you/your character grief?

I don't care what they're long as it's presentable and follows our very reasonable TOS. Remember, subtlety is often more chilling than 'in your face'.


It's a very open, dark sky with a full Moon to stimulate your imagination. Let it free and let's begin the October Madness with....

"Monsters Incorporated" is your COTM challenge for October. As always, enter as many times as you like until Tuesday, October 31st, 2017.

The album is HERE

"COTM Winner": September, 2017 - "Welcome to the Asylum"

Subject: Room 231 of the West Wing by M-Callahan

Subject: Room 231 of the West Wing

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Thanks for being a Member of the Fantasy Attic and have fun with all of the Contests. We can't wait to see your creations.

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