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Our ANNUAL Halloween and Christmas gift pages

Well folks, it's that time of year again when I start collecting items for our annual Halloween and Christmas gift pages.

Doing it this early allows the donators time to model, pose, texture, make backgrounds or what ever they come up with. Last year was a super success and everyone's efforts paid off wonderfully.

Any item does not need to be themed but having some themed would be great.

What can you give?? I am so happy you asked ... anything you create:
Models (characters, props, etc.)
Textures (animals, buildings, people,clothes, etc.)
Merchant Resources
Painted hair

The list is endless -- questions? Then contact me.

Read more information HERE and please contact me if you wish to be a donator too..

2017 COTM Challenge

This month, I don't want stories. Nope.

I want to see EXPRESSIONS that tell the whole story in a look, a gesture, a smile. Your title says it all. Pick yourself a title and then make it happen. Is your character in love, enraged, in awe, frustrated, daydreaming, sad, curious...? Do they have an idea? Have they just 'seen' something in an unusual way or something unusual? It doesn't have to be a big story. It can be just one of those brief moments in time. Capture it.


You may use any character that is capable of assuming expressions.

No PRE-MADE or PRE-SET Expressions.

You MAY use Morphs ++ Expressions ONLY IN COMBINATION with other Basic and Head dials for expressions.

You may NOT use Morphs ++ expressions ONLY.


That's the rules this time.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Make it so. Put some personality in your characters with EXPRESSIONS!

"Every Picture Tells a Story" is your COTM challenge for July. As always, enter as many times as you like until Sunday, July 30th, 2017.

So welcome in COTM for July: Every Picture Tells A Story!

Go here for the album


Come join our forum, its free, then try your hand at winning some awesome prizes: Poser (11 and 11 PRO), Daz/RDNA gift certificates, Renderority gift certificates, Filter Forge, PD Artist 10 PLUS a wide array of even more content creators.

Flamerule ~ 9th Annual Swimsuit Contest ~ Beach Party ~ July 2017 Contest #1

Welcome to our birthday party for The Fantasy Attic, yes folks on the 15th of the month we will have been here on the world wide spider web for ten (10) years. "Surprise, surprise as that is saying something these days with the overnight, here one minute and gone the next sites, fads and so forth.

We have a long standing tradition here when our birthday comes round and since it is summer time what could be better then "swimsuits"

... yes "swimsuits" and what would be better than having a "Beach Party or maybe a party at the Swimming Pool" however all characters in your image must be in a swimsuit, no exceptions.

Granted it could be anything from a complete one piece for either sex, or a modest bikini for the ladies and speedo's for the gents, or for the truly daring ladies ... barely there ... bottom line all must be wearing a swimsuit.

Can be any character as well, male, female kids, aliens ... even Kianna might put a swimsuit on for all of you ... or maybe not ... she is such a shy and timid person.

So since this is our birthday you are allowed up to five (5) entries, all original, not posted in any other contests and you have till midnight July 31st to submit your entries.

HERE! is the album.

Flamerule ~ On the Banks of the Kingdom of Elves ~ 10th Anniversary ~ July 2017 Contest #2

Welcome to our 10th Anniversary it is so good to see all of you here, both old hands and our recent members we hope you will stick around for a long time to come and also join in the fun during our monthly contest especially this our anniversary contest.

Like I said it is our 10th year since we opened the doors here and we have gone through many changes and this time it is your turn to let your imagination run free in this our "On the Banks of the Kingdom of Elves" themed contest.

Sounds complicated but really it is not, as it can mean several things, one is your member of the fae races could be at the border between the human and Elven realms, or it could be a river or inland sea bank within the Elven lands that you and your companions visit throughout the year. Which either thought gives your fae folks plenty of chances to get into hi-jinks of any kind.

The choice is yours. There is no mandate for their to be swimsuits but if one is on the banks of a river or inland sea you might just want to be able to take a dip .... just saying.

So since this is our anniversary you are allowed up to five (5) entries, all original, not posted in any other contests and you have till midnight July 31st to submit your entries.

Enter often and have fun ... now on to the prizes for you.

HERE! is the album.


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