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Elient ~ 7th Annual Magical School Daze Contest ~ September 2014.

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Tis the month of Elient and you know what that means?

It's that time, once again for our Annual Magical School Daze contest, this time it is our 7th year of going back to the drudgery of school and when classes start once again it will be a whole new year with those pesky teachers trying fill ones head with so much nonsense, rubbish and mush.

Interestingly enough though, some of those teachers stirred and awakened odd emotions within us. Indeed, you do remember when you saw that new teacher and thought briefly to yourself, "Ohhh my!  Wow, they don't look like a dried up old prune or battleaxe .... Why do I feel like this when I see them?"

Your challenge for this school term is to show us what that lovely vision from those days long past or the present at  school looked like to thy youthful eyes.
Were they thy male or female teacher in English? Maybe it was History class. Then again it might have been in Math class :heeheehee: Or was it P.E.? However ... perhaps you were always being naughty and it was when you were doing detention that you realized that you had feelings for thy teacher?

You can pick any school activity or classroom for your scene.... Just remember that you had a crush on thy teacher ...

You may enter up to three images not entered in any contest elsewhere. This shall run until the 27th of September at midnight EST.

Enter often and have fun.

Details are here

Our round two winners in our Anniversary and Birthday contests. Are below please swing by to congratulate all.

Flamerule ~ 6th Annual Swimsuit Contest ~ Express Thyself ~ August 2014

1st Place: Alone on the Beach by Carolann

2nd Place: White Cats by Shibashake

3rd Place: Fun in the Croatian Sun by Kyotokid

4th Place: Boys will be Boys by EnchantedPixie

5th Place: Like It? by Angells

Flamerule ~ Winging it ~ 7th Anniversary Contest ~ August 2014

1st Place: The Melody of Night by MarciaGomes

2nd Place: Little Dragons by Tparo

3rd Place: The Bath by Reserv888

4th Place: Aim High by Radkres

5th Place: |:| The Fallen |:| by Zawarkal

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