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Award Info

10,000 votes - Platinum Award
5,000 votes - Gold Award
2,500 votes - Silver Award
1,000 votes - Bronze Award
300 votes - Pewter Award

100 votes - Copper Award

2017 Voting Awards

copperpewterbronzesilvergold platinum


We have many special projects and every now and then a Special Cause that requires your generous help.

There are times when we do a collection to help a member in need of assistance and all those proceeds go directly to that member.

All donations of what ever size are WELCOME.

Thank you.


Monthly Competitions

May 2017 contest has begun!

Mirtul ~ The Melting ~ Black and White with a hint of color ~ May 2017 Contest

Our Tarsahk ~ All Things Winged ~ April 2017 contest. Winners announcement is HERE.

2017 Challenge of the Month

NEW!! May 2017 Challenge of the Month (COTM)
Quantum Weirdness

Ends May 31


Around the Round Table

has ended and the winner is JHERRITH

Details here.

Weekly Competitions

Your Art

Thanks to all of our generous sponsors.

Some you find by clicking their banner and you can see the prizes we host for some to give our winners by going to our Sponsor Showcase


This months contest deals with the world of Black and White....Be it a portrait, a panoramic scene, a fantasy character, or animal....they must be in black or white....


You do get a chance to put just a hint of color in your submission. Yes, just one touch of color, for example let us say you decide to submit a portrait then only one spot of color in the black and white photo, say their eyes or maybe a piece of jewelry. What happens if you decide to do a garden of flowers in bloom, just one flower or blossom can have that spot of color to brighten it.

Again, the point is that there can be only a hint of color in the black and white image.

Normal rules apply, up to three entries per person, not entered elsewhere in a contest and this shall run till midnight on the 31st.

As always have fun and we look forward to your creations.

Album is HERE


NEW!! May 2017 Challenge of the Month (COTM)
Quantum Weirdness

Ends May 31

Go here for the album

BE SURE TO READ the light blue italicized part below! Those are the challenge parameters.

"Some time in the Summer of 2017, what came to be called 'The Quantum Weirdness' appeared upon the Earth. People and creatures began popping into and out of Alternate Realities or Parallel Universes rather too handily. It was made worse by the fact that well...it was reciprocal...and the ones from the Parallel Universes were appearing HERE!

The 'doorways' seemed always to open from something visual: like from watching TV, playing a video game, reading a book with images, or into a monitor on some form of computer."

"The History of The Quantum Weirdness"

Your challenge for the merry, merry month of May is to show us what's coming through and where your characters are ending up. What strange worlds, situations and predicaments do they find themselves in, in any given moment? Are you in an alternate Earth reality or time, or place? Are you in an utterly alien place? Is it almost like some fantasy world? Is it a gaming world? How did you get to this place?

Do an entire series of images or single 'worlds' - just be quantumly weird and/or surreal about it. As always, the number of entries is unlimited.

This contest shall run until Wednesday May 31st, 2017 - until MIDNIGHT (12:00 AM) -EST


Around the Round Table

has ended and the winner is JHERRITH

Tarsakh ~ The Claws of Storms ~ All Things Winged ~ April 2017 Contest Winners

Grand Prize: Fairy of Flowers by Morganahope
1st Prize: Wings of Power by Artienne
2nd Prize: Light takes Flight by Tbone9914
3rd Prize: My Friend Pegasus by MarciaGomes
4th Prize: An Opportunity to Learn by rrkknight3
5th Prize: The Thunder Makers by Agent0013

Poser and Daz

Poser has 2 versions to choose from all are easy to learn and just advanced from each other for greater versatility.
Poser can be used in conjunction with Daz Studio, if preferred.

Developing your own content?

Then Poser Pro is just right for you especially now that Poser Pro Game Dev has been incorporated into PoserPro!

We are proud to have Poser as a sponsor for our contests, giving our members the opportunity to use their program.

Poser (current version), Poser Pro (current  version) and the new Poser Pro Dev for the gamer modellers.

All Poser Products Here

Poser 11Poser Pro

Daz Studio

Just what you need, works in conjunction with Poser Characters or by itself with its own Genesis Characters

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