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Corvette Destroyer Jumpship Squadron

~TOTW Winner Wk of 3/16/19~

Jumpships became the best way to travel between the stars, as one jump would traverse 1/2 of a light-year in an instant. The first generation jumpships had to charge up for the next jump for two months, as the powerplant was not very powerful at generating the energy needed for a jump. So after one jump, the crew had to wait 2 months before making the next jump. During that time the ship would use thrust to reach 1/6 lightspeed, and then coast along at that speed. Just to reach the Alpha Centauri System took 9 jumps for a total journey time one way of 18 months. It was faster that the warp drive system of older ships, which was so slow that it took a total of 3.25 years to reach the same destination. The system was so slow it was not worth installing on even the first generation jumpships, as the power needed to run the warp drive would have kept the jump system from charging at all.

After 12 years using the first generation jumpships, the second generation had finally been developed. This reduced the charge time to 3 weeks, and the travel time to Alpha Centauri System and back to Sol System was less than a year. Long haul 2nd generation jumpships were built to increase the range of space travel out to 30 light-years radially.

5 years later, the 3rd generation jumpships went into service. The charge time had been reduced to 1 day, thus a journey to Alpha Centauri System was only 9 days long. Travel range was now increased to 1,000 light-years radially from Sol System. The 3rd generation jumpship had to be equipped with weapons and shields, because hostile forces had been encountered by that time. Often, 2 jumpships would travel together, one a civilian transport, and the other its protector. The civilian transport was armed but not very well, so an escort was deemed necessary.

It was 3 years later that war broke out between Earth forces and an alliance of 3 extraterrestrial forces. The war went badly at first for the Earth Forces, but the established colonies of Earth origin soon stepped up and built the military might up. A concerted campaign against the homeworlds of the enemies was launched and executed successfully, taking the leaders of the enemy forces out. The war had lasted for 23 years.

In the last 2 years of the war, the 4th generation jumpships entered service. All of the first ones were warships. After the war, it took a year to repurpose the jumpship production lines for civilian shipbuilding. Even those ships were armed, however; for it had been determined that hostile forces lurked in many areas of the amount of space that was now in travel range. That range was now intergalactic out to a distance of 30,000,000 lightyears. The reason this range was possible was because recharging the jump system had been reduced to 1/2 a second! This allowed for a distance of 1 light-year per second.

Earth Force had gained several allies during the war, and it was a sharing of technologies that had given the 4th generation jumpships such high efficiency. As other galaxies were visited more species joined the alliance, and so the Intergalactic Alliance (IA) was born. Now, trillions of 4th generation jumpships travel and patrol intergalactic space. Wars have been fought and won due to the superior forces of the IA. The enemy forces are not as advanced as those of the IA. Here we see a squadron of 4th generation Corvette Destroyer Jumpships flying in formation, patrolling the M5 Globular Cluster of the Milky Way Galaxy. They are on their way to rendezvous with a fleet of warships bound for the Whirlpool Galaxy, where a conflict has broken out. This is but one of several thousand fleets that will soon converge there to assist the allies in that area.

There's a novel way to create and texture a model using JSPlacement, PD Howler 2019 Build 25, and Bryce 7.1 Pro, which I used to create the ships featured in this image. I will divulge this secret when I post my next image to this album.

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McGrandpa   [Mar 17, 2019 at 09:37 AM]
Nice work, Agent! Especialy being as it's ALL your own work. Congrats on the win!
rrkknight3   [Mar 16, 2019 at 05:47 PM]
Great image and really good details in the text, Agent. Well done!
thelufias   [Mar 15, 2019 at 05:45 PM]
Marvelous one
oldeekdog   [Mar 15, 2019 at 05:53 AM]

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