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Last additions - 2012 Contest and Challenges
We Three Kings Of Orient.163 views2 commentsTparoDec 29, 2012
We Three Kings156 views2 commentsNitabDec 29, 2012
Silent Night175 views3 commentsCharlyDec 28, 2012
Mary Did You Know184 views2 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 26, 2012
"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!"185 views2 commentsRavenMasterDec 23, 2012
Santa and Rudolph... (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)158 views2 commentsFrahHawkDec 22, 2012
Dominick (Outside the Box ... once again)158 views4 commentsJherrithDec 22, 2012
White Christmas167 views1 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 22, 2012
Let It Snow156 views1 commentsAngellsGraphicsDec 22, 2012
O Christmas Tree179 views1 commentsFrahHawkDec 21, 2012
Al I Want For Xmas....Is You!160 views1 commentsheavenleeDec 18, 2012
Meet Me At The Mistletoe154 views1 commentsthekatsterDec 18, 2012
Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Christmas Dreams 146 views1 commentskensoDec 18, 2012
Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow163 views2 commentsyour_masterDec 17, 2012
I want a Hippopotamus159 views4 commentsJherrithDec 17, 2012
I put my shoe in the window155 views2 commentsMarciaGomesDec 17, 2012

Nightal ~ Let Christmas be Heard ~ Dec 2012 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Christmas carols are probably the most listened to and the most beautiful music on Earth. They can be sweet, nostalgic, heart-warming, tear-jerking and very touching.

Christmas songs have a different meaning and view for each individual.

Your task is to pick some of your favorite Christmas songs and depict them as you see them when the songs are playing.

You can use whatever scenes and characters you wish...and the songs can be from any country....as long as they are relevant to the Holiday Season.

41 files, last one added on Dec 29, 2012
Album viewed 366 times

The Town Rattling ~ The Year of the Dragon of Water ~ Jan 2012 Contest ~ ENDED ~


The Town Rattling celebrations a dragon motif has been present in all the decorations on the houses and throughout the town. Tis is a simple theme for this one here all that is required is two things one your imagination and two a dragon in your picture. The story that you tell in your picture can take any path. Time to let loose the dragons from thy runtimes and display them in all their might and power or do they have a reflective and contemplative side and seek to help or direct mankind?

30 files, last one added on Jan 28, 2012
Album viewed 354 times

Alturiak ~ The Sexy Non-Nude Valentines Contest ~ Feb 2012 ~ENDED~


By popular vote our Valentines contest as chosen by you is for your best sexy non-nude depictions of your favorite characters. Two rules must be followed. One: they must be clothed, no nudity at all, sheer, minimal clothing is fine but they must be clothed. Two: there must be a heart somewhere within the image.

27 files, last one added on Feb 25, 2012
Album viewed 343 times

Ches ~ The Vernal Equinox draws Nigh ~ March 2012 ~ ENDED ~


The Vernal Equinox is the date when night and day are nearly the same length, and the Sun crosses the equator moving northward. It is considered to be the first day of spring.

The Faes have been given the task by the Goddess of Spring to start preparing for Spring.
We want to see what chores you think the Faes will have been given by the Spring Goddess to Welcome Spring in all it's glory.

All that is required for this contest is Faes and your imagination.

20 files, last one added on Mar 31, 2012
Album viewed 248 times

Tarsakh ~ Jokers Wild ~ April 2012 Contest ~ENDED ~


April is know sometime as the month of fools and pranks galore.

This time though we would like for you to turn your eye to those who play pranks.

Yes, the Jester, or Joker dressed up in their harlequin finest colors and cloth.

Do you see a playful sprite or elf, maybe a daring human.

The character choice is yours and the challenge this time around is to create an image featuring a Jester type character playing a prank, entertaining folks as the Jester often did, or as the JOKER on a Playing Card.

29 files, last one added on Apr 28, 2012
Album viewed 355 times

Mirtul ~ The Roaring 20's ~ May 2012 Contest ~ENDED~


The 1920's, sometimes known as the Roaring 20's or The Jazz Age, was an era in time that had so many cultural changes it was hard to keep up with them.

The economy was booming, the Model T was still hot, Flappers and Bob Cut Haircuts were in style, the Charleston was the dance and of course...prohibition and Mobsters were part of the culture.

With all that being said, your task would be to create a scene depicting your view of the 1920's. The scene can include any of the above or you may want to feature a 1920's style fashion or swimsuit model, a typical 20's home or workplace. The choice is yours.

We only have one stipulation.....All creations are to be in Black and white or Sepia format.

15 files, last one added on May 31, 2012
Album viewed 175 times

Flamerule ~ 4th Annual Swimsuit and Pin up Contest ~ July 2012 ~ ENDED ~


Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Yes, folks our anniversary cometh upon us. On the 15th of July we will be five years old. What could be better then the 4th Annual Swimsuit & Pin-up contest to celebrate such a moment.

At last it is our anniversary and you know what that means ... yes folks it is time for our annual swimsuit and pin up contest celebrating the ever so fine and delectable human form in swimsuits of all colors, styles and sizes.
From the decorously there to the nearly there ... your choice.

46 files, last one added on Jul 30, 2012
Album viewed 350 times



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