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Last additions - 2013 Contests and Challenges
Myrtha's Gift 150 views1 commentssidheroseDec 31, 2013
UG! And Wonder Woman153 views6 commentsFrahHawkDec 31, 2013
Somewhere in the Forest there is a ...254 views3 commentsJherrithDec 30, 2013
Now where is the Mistletoe?126 views3 commentsJherrithDec 30, 2013
Decorating The Tree157 views4 commentsArtByMivanDec 30, 2013
Reindeer Reunion141 views3 commentsali_senDec 30, 2013
|:| Blue Christmas |:|147 views2 commentszawarkal [in loving memory]Dec 29, 2013
Trimmed Forest Tree158 views8 commentsPorthosDec 29, 2013
Very Fairy Christmas136 views3 commentsLaughingLionStudioDec 29, 2013
Yay! I Finally Got My Pony!111 views3 commentssidheroseDec 29, 2013
Silent Nite Blessings148 views3 commentsRainbowGypsyDec 28, 2013
Christmas Bear158 views7 commentsali_senDec 28, 2013
Arctic Christmas132 views1 commentstadkmnDec 27, 2013
Christmas forest139 views2 commentsPraeDec 26, 2013
Hump Day Honey 37 - Merry Christmas106 views2 commentsPaulDec 24, 2013
Mistletoe118 views5 commentsPraeDec 24, 2013

Hammer ~ 2013 Themes Contest ~ Jan 2013 Contest ~ ENDED ~


2013 Themes Contest

For our January Contest we felt that it would be a little more interesting if you SHOW us some ideas of monthly themes you'd like to see in the upcoming months of 2013.

The Themes Challenge requires you to come up with a creation that shows us what you have in mind for a theme and a very brief description of the challenge. The description can be as simple as "Warlords Theme, Lost Worlds, Lure of the Ocean" and can be the title of your creation or you can put a brief description in the text box under the creation.

The only requirements are as follows:

1) The creations must be tasteful.

2) Nudity is allowed as long as it's not "RED DOOR MATERIAL"

We will then use these challenges as the monthly themes throughout the year. Do keep in mind that we have a July, September and October theme (Our Annual Contests) in place. However if you wish to suggest a topic within those annual contest themes then please indicate it in your description.

17 files, last one added on Jan 31, 2013
Album viewed 216 times

Alturiak ~ Less Used ~ February 2013 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Tis a simple theme for all, we have a multitude of models in our runtimes, yes? Well, the challenge this month is to use those that have not seen the light of day in some little time.

When was the last time you used Teri Yuki, Stephanie, V3, A3, Miki, how about Michael 3.

How about any of the default characters that come with Poser?

Any context or trouble you would like them to get involved in is fine the main concept is to use characters that have not been used by thee in a long time.

Contest is to run till midnight on the 28th.

As usual three images per artist, not entered in a contest elsewhere and by all means have fun.

42 files, last one added on Feb 28, 2013
Album viewed 344 times

Flamerule ~ 5th Annual Swimsuit contest ~ July 2013 ~ ENDED ~


As you should know, tis time for the Annual Swimsuit contest, the theme, though simple does requires thought.

How about if we told you that all family members are welcomed in your creations and that your swimwear can be of any time period you choose it to be.

Though I don't really recall the swimwear of the 50's, I know it was most certainly different then today's....and those in the 1920's could go to Formal Ball in the swimwear they wore.

So put on your thinking caps and invite all your character family members to pose in a time period and swimwear of your choice.

29 files, last one added on Jul 31, 2013
Album viewed 343 times

Eleasis ~ Lost Worlds ! ~ August 2013 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Once upon a time ... isn't that how they all start? ... or is it, a long time ago and in a distant place there was ...

This can take so many different forms that you truly have little limits as to how to display your art. It could be a distant landscape on another planet for a sci-fi flavor.
It could a steaming jungle with strange creatures (fantasy, or extinct), for a place that is cut off from time.
It could be unusual buildings and architecture of civilizations in the distant past of recorded history.

Those are just a few thoughts that come to mind when one hears the term "Lost Worlds" what do you think of when you hear those words?

We look forward to you taking us on a trip to distant places long forgotten or on strange new worlds seen by mankind.

17 files, last one added on Aug 30, 2013
Album viewed 182 times

Marpenoth ~ 6th Annual Feast of the Moon ~ Witches Hour ~ Oct. 2013 contest ~ ENDED ~


This years theme, per the poll that so many took part in, is WITCHES. Now, keep in mind that Witches come in all shapes and sizes...and moods.
We have the cute Little Witch, the MEAN Witch, the Good Witch, the Ugly Witch and Witches that are in a category of their own.
You pick your setting, the type of Witch, the concept you like and run with it.

Just one thing keeps this contest from being complete....

Somewhere in the creation there has to be a witches Broom or ... a black cat.

The choice is yours.....

43 files, last one added on Oct 31, 2013
Album viewed 375 times

Nightal ~ Christmas in the Forest ~ December 2013 Contest ~ ENDED ~


It is Christmas time in the forest and there is a most beautiful tree in its midst that the townsfolk desire to cut down and bring to the village to decorate it for the Christmas celebration. But the warblers, wood-larks, woodpeckers, squirrels and the other denizens of the forest show the townsfolk an alternative to cutting it down and bring the spirit of Christmas to all in the forest and the town.

Simple idea from Sidherose of "Christmas in the Forest", no special props or items needed just your insight and imagination to convey the peace and joy of a "Christmas in the Forest", with any animals, fey ffolk, elves, dryads and so forth, together or by themselves on a stroll or just sitting and reflecting on the meaning of Christmastime.

You may enter up to five images not entered in any contest elsewhere. This shall run until the 28th of December at midnight EST.

19 files, last one added on Dec 31, 2013
Album viewed 190 times

Ches ~ The Search for Realism ~ March 2013 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Time to exercise thy artistic muscles in a different and unique way this month. Most of the time we enjoy the simple stories that we can tell with our pictures, however there comes a time when one should stretch and tell a story with an even more direct approach.


26 files, last one added on Mar 30, 2013
Album viewed 347 times



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