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Last additions - 2017 COTM (Challenge Of The Month)
Mothers House is not an Animal Shelter4 commentsUteBigSmileJun 25, 2017
We are all children of mother nature6 commentsArtienneJun 25, 2017
Under The Canopy5 commentsmtdanaJun 25, 2017
The cake robbers9 commentsHeitaikaiJun 23, 2017
Lovely little demon5 commentsNemesisJun 22, 2017
Summer Tea Party7 commentsrrkknight3Jun 20, 2017
Grandpa's toytrain7 commentsHeitaikaiJun 19, 2017
CotM- Happy Kiddos5 commentsrenecyberdocJun 19, 2017
Play Time9 commentsJherrithJun 18, 2017
Creepy child6 commentsNemesisJun 14, 2017
A Walk in the Park3 commentsQXIJun 11, 2017
Memory10 commentsHeitaikaiJun 07, 2017
Always be a child13 commentsArtienneJun 04, 2017
Bloody Mary4 commentsNemesisMay 30, 2017
Sea Breeze9 commentsmtdanaMay 24, 2017
Android rebels10 commentsNemesisMay 21, 2017

June 2017 ~ "Find the Child"


This month we celebrate Summer! It's also freedom for all children, like schools will be closed.
But children are really only children?

The challenge this month will be to "show the child" in your characters, be they children, adults, creatures...
We want you to present a moment of elation and happiness in their games, which can be cards, balloons, hopscotch, board games...

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.
You May Enter as many times as you like.

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May 2017 ~ The Quantum Weirdness ~ ENDED ~


"Some time in the Summer of 2017, what came to be called 'The Quantum Weirdness' appeared upon the Earth. People and creatures began popping into and out of Alternate Realities rather too handily. It was made worse by the fact that well...it was reciprocal...and the ones from the Alternate Realities were appearing HERE!

The 'doorways' seemed always to open from something visual: like from watching TV, playing a video game, reading a book with images, or into a monitor on some form of computer."

"The History of The Quantum Weirdness"

This contest shall run until Wednesday May 31st, 2017 - until MIDNIGHT

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