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Last additions - 2017 COTM (Challenge Of The Month)
The Mysterious Spaceship3 commentsNeimrokOct 20, 2017
CotM - Pumpkin Ave3 commentsrenecyberdocOct 19, 2017
They're Late.4 commentsM-CallahanOct 19, 2017
Vamp with Braces5 commentsHadCancerOct 18, 2017
Horror Clown3 commentsthekatsterOct 17, 2017
Kianna's Little Goldfish8 commentsM-CallahanOct 16, 2017
Incoming9 commentsJherrithOct 15, 2017
Listen to the Creatures of the Night............ Oh What Music They Make18 commentsNapalmarsenalOct 14, 2017
AlioHag7 commentsArtienneOct 14, 2017
Death Comes6 commentsrrkknight3Oct 14, 2017
The Screaming Wall7 commentsmidnightvelvetOct 12, 2017
Monsters incorporated3 commentsWingedwolfOct 11, 2017
The Hunter becomes the meal4 commentsWingedwolfOct 10, 2017
The Abandoned Hospital8 commentsNeimrokOct 10, 2017
definitely not serious!1 commentsChironOct 10, 2017
Midnight at the Mausoleum ..... Ahh Mon Chéri !! 7 commentsNapalmarsenalOct 10, 2017

October 2017 - "Monsters Incorporated"


We all know what month it is and we all know what that means! This is that time of year when the spooks, goblins and ghouls come out. And this year, we want to see them!

For this month when the Veil Between the Worlds opens to admit those from another plane of existence, let the monsters and aberrations come forth in all their dark and mesmerizing glory! Let's see your Vampires, Trolls, Were-Creatures, Drows/Trows or other dangerous Fae. Bring out your Old Hags, Shape-shifters, Gnomes, fearsome Dragons, Wraiths, Wyverns, Liches, Mages and Sorcerers! Summon Lovecraftian Horrors from the Deeps, Demons and other mythic beasts! Party to "Night on Bald Mountain".

Read more here: Monsters Incorporated

Contest ends Midnight EST Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

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September 2017 ~ Welcome to the Asylum - CLOSED


This month again we'll be in a kind of stroll. But in a place we know well: our asylum!
Yes, with the coming of Halloween next month, it's time to take a look around our little home.

What we want to see is rooms and/or corridors that you cross through, maybe your own room here. No matter they are empty or full of inm... huh members.
Make us dream or scream!

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.
You May Enter as many times as you like.

The General Rules of the COTM that apply in each and every month are by HERE. Please read those as well.

This Challenge will run from September 1st to September 30th until midnight US - EST at which time it will be closed for submissions.

So welcome in COTM for September: "Welcome in Asylum"!

29 files, last one added on Sep 30, 2017
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