Soon it will be Chrismas Day!!

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Last additions - 2017 COTM (Challenge Of The Month)
Decorating for Christmas3 commentsHeitaikaiDec 10, 2017
Harley Quinn10 commentsNemesisDec 04, 2017
Merry gothic Christmas12 commentsNemesisDec 03, 2017
Trimming the Christmas Tree5 commentsM-CallahanDec 03, 2017
The worst christmas for gingerbread 6 commentsWingedwolfDec 02, 2017
The last Days of War2 commentsUteBigSmileNov 30, 2017
Wait - I am a new member of the Crew3 commentsUteBigSmileNov 26, 2017
Full Service Gas Station4 commentsM-CallahanNov 25, 2017
Modern Rapid Transit - City Bus6 commentsM-CallahanNov 22, 2017
Sky Shark8 commentsmtdanaNov 21, 2017
A different dungeon8 commentsreserv888Nov 19, 2017
Oh,Cinderella!5 commentsNemesisNov 16, 2017
The Time Machine8 commentsphasmidNov 15, 2017
Dinosaurial5 commentsreserv888Nov 12, 2017
Mission to an unknown planet5 commentsphasmidNov 11, 2017
Feudal Japan NOPE5 commentsTaishoBeeNov 10, 2017

December 2017 ~ Change in the House


"Wait... What? Already December?! Quick! We must decorate the house!"

This is the last month of the year, the last for feasts. But also the moment to decide how will look your abode for weeks.
What is asked to you is to show your character(s) with decorations around them, either they are doing the job (with more or less success) or it's already done: garlands, Christmas balls, Christmas tree... everything we can put in this time is welcome.
You are not confined to using only human characters.

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.
You May Enter as many times as you like.

5 files, last one added on Dec 10, 2017
Album viewed 24 times

November 2017 ~ Anachronism ~ CLOSED


ANACHRONISM: a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned:

"Everything was as it would have appeared in centuries past apart from one anachronism, a bright yellow construction crane" (Definition & Example)


This month celebrates the weird and out of place with "Absurd Anachronisms" - things that are out of place in time....either older or newer than the rest of the image content in terms of time - ages future or past - and just a little 'off-kilter'.

Like a Renaissance lady eating a hamburger in her chambers,
or Cinderella's carriage at a drive-in burger space.

Like a few knights sitting in a medieval pub drinking fru-fru drinks and playing poker with chips...with a gunslinger.

We're looking for something that makes it out of place and rather absurdly funny. So, put your head in a Monty Python space and make us laugh!

Those are the rules for "Absurd Anachronisms", our COTM challenge for the month of November, 2017. As always, enter as many times as you like.

You have until THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30th, 2017, MIDNIGHT - 12:00 PM EST. At that time, the contest will be closed.

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