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Last additions - 2017 Contests and Challenges
Queen of The Forest Rangers9 commentsFrahHawkMar 31, 2017
Vangaurd Dragon Queen3 commentstbone9914Mar 31, 2017
Above the clouds !4 commentsmorganahopeMar 31, 2017
Hear my music !!2 commentsmorganahopeMar 31, 2017
Feel the music !!2 commentsmorganahopeMar 31, 2017
Dancing to the Moon !!3 commentsmorganahopeMar 31, 2017
Dancing with the cat !!3 commentsmorganahopeMar 31, 2017
French Cancan7 commentsNeimrokMar 30, 2017
Hawaiian5 commentsMarciaGomesMar 28, 2017
Who Will Be The Next Queen5 commentsRadkresMar 28, 2017
Romantic Dance7 commentsMarciaGomesMar 27, 2017
Ballet5 commentsMarciaGomesMar 27, 2017
Arabia6 commentsCathyYMar 27, 2017
checkmate - queen wins3 commentsBronzeDragonMar 26, 2017
Even I Need to Look to ...7 commentsJherrithMar 26, 2017
Awakening the Mountain Spirits - WINNER!9 commentsmtdanaMar 26, 2017

Hammer ~ Deep Winter ~ The Future is Unwritten ~ Tarot Cards ~ Jan 2017 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Now as it is said; "the past is ignored, the present apologized for, the future ... still being written."

Your goal is to create your take on the design of the individual cards in the pack.

So, this is more of an exercise in new artwork and designs for them. Say, if you wanted to design a new theme for the cards artwork. Or if desired you can recreate the artwork on an existing card.

Although, if one wanted to create a scene in which Tarot Cards are prominently displayed and are being used, that would be acceptable.

Both the major and the minor arcana are open to your artistic vision.

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February 2017 ~ Ruinscape ~ The Tracks of Time - CLOSED


Time has passed, and it has left its tracks upon every land.
It's a fact we all know, and sometimes we have the opportunity to admire the ruins from times long past.

This is your challenge this month: a scene with ruins and showing the passage of time like first subject. You may add characters and/or animals to the scene, if you like.
(Note: A gentle reminder - This is not a Pinups and/or Portraits contest.)

No matter if ruins are from lands of great antiquity, the Middle Ages, or from exotic places. They can even be from another world.... Mountains, forests, oceans, and skies.... All is possible!
Show us the wonderful remains that your Muse is lucky to know, and show us those dreams!

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.

You May Enter as many times as you like.

This Challenge will run through Tuesday, February 28th until midnight US - EST at which time it will be closed for submissions.

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Alturiak ~ Light the Way, my Gothic Valentine ~ Feb 2017 Contest ~ ENDED ~


So stop and reflect carefully on each word individually and as a complete sentence:

"Light the Way, my Gothic Valentine"

What images do the words bring to mind?

Light the way, shining light on a path, place or journey.

Valentine, a celebration originally intended to commemorate the death or burial of Valentine. Yes, he was a real person, myth and legend surround the details. Today we know it more as a celebration of love and romance.

Gothic, brings to mind any number of thing to an architectural style, artistic style, fiction or more commonly associated with a subculture and or fashion statement. Most commonly seen as lots of black lace, velvet's, fishnets and leather tinged with scarlet and purple highlights.

So there you go, what images come to mind when you hear or even ask that certain someone to

.... Light the Way, my Gothic Valentine!

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January 2017 Ravishing Redheaded Heroines -- CLOSED


Yes, you may create your own Ravishing-Redheaded Heroine or use one from a story, a game, or history for your endeavors in this. It matters not but that she has RED HAIR and is at least some semblance of Human. You can have Space heroines, or explorers facing traps, obstacles and monsters. Maybe she even has a 'monster pet' or mount of her own. She can use magic too, if she knows any.

You may enter as many times as you like.

This Challenge will run through Tuesday, January 31st until midnight US - EST

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March 2017 ~ Let's Dance ~ CLOSED


Yes, DANCE! Spring is coming - Rejoice and let us dance!

What sort of dance? Any sort of dance that you like: Ballet, Tango, Ballroom Dancing, traditional dances of the Orient with their elegant postures and costumes; Belly Dance; Tribal Dances; Folk Dances: Sock-Hops; Polkas; Cha-Cha; Flash Dance; Flamenco; Gypsies; Side-Show Hoochie-Koochie (think "Little Egypt"); Fan Dance; Moon Dance; Pole Dance; The Twist; The Bird; Disco Dancing... See where I'm going with this? This list is far from complete...fill in as you like.

Show us your best dance moves and your favorite sorts of dances. You may use both male and female characters - human only - singly or in pairs.

Enter as many times as you like.

Contest END: Friday, March 31st, 2017. Winner to be announced on Saturday, April 1st, 2017

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Ches ~ Warrior Queens ... ~ March 2017 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Warrior Queens ... ? Are they approaching, doing battle, comforting their people. Just what are they up to, one wonders?

It is really quite simple: There comes a time when the Queens of the land take up arms along with their armies and go forth to right wrongs or repulse invaders. There might be Queens of bad intent as well, their reasons to do battle more dark and sinister.

The mythological races also have their Queens who must defend their realms and keep their enemies in check. They might be elves, centaurs, merfolk, harpies and so forth with Queens that lead in battle, or negotiate in times of peace and diplomacy.

It is up to you which side of your warrior queen you will show to us. Is it in war, in peace, the end of her days, ... you choose.

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