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Last additions - 2018 Contests and Challenges
Night of the Rose6 commentsoldeekdogJun 30, 2018
Darling PaiThan V064 commentsNewbieNoobsJun 30, 2018
Strange border8 commentsArtienneJun 30, 2018
Aura Noir-Dance of Petals8 commentsArtienneJun 30, 2018
Sinister PaiThan DoodlePops 088 commentsNewbieNoobsJun 30, 2018
Optical Illusions9 commentsBarbariandreamsJun 29, 2018
Past and Future12 commentsJherrithJun 29, 2018
A Matter of Taste6 commentsAgent0013Jun 28, 2018
From here to there6 commentseblankJun 28, 2018
Dark Night Of The Raven8 commentsAngellsGraphicsJun 25, 2018
Forest Spirit8 commentsloligaggerJun 25, 2018
One Must Expect Surprises at the Border10 commentsrrkknight3Jun 24, 2018
Medusa Plays8 commentsJherrithJun 24, 2018
Rain Of Flowers8 commentsLamuserieJun 24, 2018
Smugglers bay7 commentsWingedwolfJun 23, 2018
Lost City Border Patrol15 commentsbeachlegsJun 21, 2018

Feb. 2018 ~ A Statue in the Garden ~ Now Closed!


You arrive in a garden, and no matter which way you choose, no matter the time you walk, your steps bring you always to this statue. Weird isn't it?
But... what happens near the statue? Does the statue speak to you? Is there a meeting? Works of magic? Is it a portal to and from another place?

Your challenge this month is to show us events around a statue in a garden, what is possible to see.

Garden can be from humans, fairies, being of forests... yes even under seas.

12 files, last one added on Feb 28, 2018
Album viewed 82 times

Alturiak ~ Let the Good Times Roll ... It's Mardi Gras ~ Feb 2018 ~ ENDED ~


Welcome to the month of Alturiak, several different events are observed during the month, some cultures celebrate love and romance, some hold religious observances and some just party till they drop.

A well known celebration in many cultures and countries is Mardi Gras which has a long and rich history, the part that sometimes is forgotten, it is the forerunner to Ash Wednesday and the period known as Lent in the Christian calendar.

Yes, Lent the period of fasting and somber reflection, so what to do but throw a party before the season and eat and drink as much of all the rich food and drink you want and as they say "Let the Good Times Roll"

So your challenge is to show your characters having a grand ole time partying, it can be wild and crazy ... it can be a rich feast with food and drink never-ending ... it could be dressing up in costumes, with or without masks ... it could be dancing till the sun goes down and comes back up again.

Or all of the above ....

21 files, last one added on Feb 28, 2018
Album viewed 93 times

Tarsakh ~ The Claws of Storms ~ Beneath the Sea ~ April 2018 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Welcome to a new month and a new contest. Tis time for a bit of a swim! Yes, folks it is all about being beneath the sea. Doesn't matter if it is the oceans depths, or a lake, pond or even a stream that empties into a larger body of water.

Bottom line is that your picture must display an underwater scene.

So if you want to do a scene of fishies swimming about, or a scene with merman and mermaids galore by all means. Or how about a scene of underwater shipwrecks and if desired maybe an explorer or two investigating. That could work ... or remember that the Cthulhu mythos started with an underwater cavern.

You may enter up to three images each, not entered elsewhere and must be your original work.

33 files, last one added on Apr 30, 2018
Album viewed 98 times

May 2018 ~ Rock the Block ~ENDED~



Please read all below for the rules for this month's challenge.

You've all got favorite songs don't you? Then, all you have to do is show us your take on those favorite songs of yours.

Do you see the song played out in a 'mind movie'? Does it remind you of some moment in your life or someone you used to know? What encapsulates the visions in your head when you listen to it? Show us! Pick 3 (three) of your favorite songs and let's see them.

The title of the song, the band who plays/sings it and some amount of lyrics or description to give idea to the moment in the song where image is directed are REQUIRED.

If Classical or Opera is your thing, you need the title, the composer and a sufficient description of the scene you are portraying, as they don't all have lyrics to go with them.

All songs must be off a professional or indy studio-produced record, tape or cd for any music from tape or 33 1/3 on up. The rest is up to you!

This contest will run until MIDNIGHT E.D.T. on Thursday, May 31st, 2018.
Normal contest rules apply.

Welcome to our May 2018 COTM - ROCK THE BLOCK

27 files, last one added on Jun 06, 2018
Album viewed 47 times

Mirtul ~ The Melting ~ Flight of the Flutterwings ~ May 2018 ~ ENDED ~


The seasons have changed and for the better, tis starting to warm up in most of the southern areas. With that starting up in some areas it is only a matter of time before the spring turns to summer and it stays warm daily.

With warmer weather all of the flutterwings start to come forth, fairies of all kinds to be precise, flower fairies, goth fairies, mischievious ones those lot are ...

Simple concept for all this month though, show us your images of the fairies about the place, doesn't matter what they sort of mischief they are up to or not ... but we specifically would like to investigate the elusive Flower and Goth faries that are out and about already.

So it will be the standard rules once again. Up to three images per person, not entered anywhere else and original work.

This contest shall run until midnight on the 31st of May

38 files, last one added on May 30, 2018
Album viewed 78 times

January 2018 ~ Paradise ~ NOW CLOSED


Paradise: A place or condition of happiness, contentment and beauty.

What is your ideal of an earthly paradise? Is it a tropical island? A place with lollipop trees? Sparkling fountains of wine? An endless buffet? Scantily clad girls hanging all over you? Waiting on you? Are you a rockstar? A farmer? A philanthropist, or famous artist? An Astronaut? Let's see your dream of a life in paradise?

That's all there is to it! If you don't have one, make one up!


We have changed the COTM rules as to the number of entries beginning in January, 2018. Entrants may post only 3 (three/drei/tres/trois) images. Contest runs until Wednesday January 31st, 12:00 am EST (midnight).

16 files, last one added on Jan 27, 2018
Album viewed 64 times

Hammer ~ Baby It's Cold Outside! January 2018 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Hammer ~ Deep Winter ~ Baby It's Cold Outside! ~ January 2018 Contest

Was a hard fought voting race and was literally down to the wire but by the slimmest of margins "Winter Pin ups" won out with "Expressions" a close second.

However don't think that is going to make it any easier for you. Winter Pin ups sounds easy enough. Pin ups in a winter setting thank goodness we work with digital models as I do not think a real person, male or female would take kindly to posing outside in a winter setting for any length of time.

Now just to make it interesting, please try to add a little bit of an expression to your character. Expressions can cover the entire spectrum what one feels, thinks or experiences in any situation.

Pin Up creations can include animals, critters, creatures of the forest, monsters and other folks as long as the main character is the Pin Up in a WINTER setting, be it Male or Female.

Standard rules apply as always, up to three entries per member, not entered in a contest anywhere else and must be original work.

This shall run until midnight January 31st.

36 files, last one added on Jan 30, 2018
Album viewed 109 times



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