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Comes the Dawn


The Elders and the Third Generation had been on Fiera for 20 plus years now. Some of their children had been born on Terra, but would leave while still toddlers and children. Not only were many of them some sort of Hybrid breeding of Were, Vampire, Fae or Human,
some few had figured out that their genetics were also influenced by the Grigori themselves. While they've heard the stories from their parents and Elders about how things were on Terra, none of them fully appreciated the horrors, tragedies and sheer madness their
old home had degenerated into before the end came.

They'd all been saved and transported here with everything they had by the Grigori to begin again. And begin again, they did knowing that it was necessary to win at what the Grigori called "The Game" in order to carry on whatever they'd build. This was the world
of the Fourth Generation, without the often chaotic feelings and memories of Terra. It made it a little easier to see things differently than how their parents did. Now, they were ready to live their own lives and understand how a little chaos and a lot of hubris could
throw everything out of whack in a very short time. Third and Fourth Generations come together here and begin to work together, understanding where the other is coming from.

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