Ship-Deck Part | Bellona

Ship-Deck Part - Bellona

 Did you ever bother your self with try to make a close up ship battle scene?
The ship's you have in the runtime , are beautiful but not really easy to handle for close up
scenes, because to large, to big, to heavy.

"Bellona" is your solution. A part from a ship-deck. Perfect for close up sea battle renders.

The flag contains 10 morphs for customizing .
High resolution textures for standout close up renders.
Product Includes:
powder barrel.

Materials for the flag

Historic USA flag,
Historic French Flag
French Flag
Jolly Roger flag

DS Materials

High resolution texture maps and high polygon obj files.

Additional Notes:
This shipdeck was done for small Ship scenery.
For close ups but not for far away renders, because it is just a small part of a ship, without sails.

The props are all parented to the shipdeck.
You can unparent them and move where you want, exept the cannonballs.
They are fixed with the cannon, this means, they will only move with the canon.

Poser Version:     5 and up
Daz Studio:     Yes
Zip Files:     3 (7.414kb,16 453kb, 193kb DSfile)

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