Un Petit Bosquet

Un Petit Bosquet

 A dreamy mystical Temple , to bring romance and mystic in your renders. Detailed unique props.
Carefully crafted , with modeled out details.
Realistic , high resolution textures , for incredible close up renders.
The props and pose set  'Un Petit Bosquet' is a beautiful Temple set , with
beautiful crafted props inside.
The props comes parented to the temple , for easy usage.
The Poison Chest, you can open and close.
The Couch you can use with or without the drape.
The textures are all high resolution, for great details. Even in close up.
Real Reflection for more realism.

The Poison bottle comes in two variation.Open , with a separate plug and close,

Product Includes:
01 Bosquet.
02 Couch.
03 Drap.
04 Pillows.
05 Table.
06 PoisonChest.
07 Poison bottle
08 Fruits.
09 Glass.
10 Cloth_Floor.
11 Cruche.
12 DrapStair.
13 Pot01.
14 Petals.
15 Ivy01.
16 Ivy02.
17 Ivy03.

12 Poses for V4

05 Camera and light settings

Parented props for V4
01Poison bottle
05Poison bottle_Open.
06Poison bottle Plug.

High resolution Texture maps

Additional Notes:
The props are all parented in a logical way.
You will find a extra folder with parented props for V4. On the thumbnails you can see for what kind of poses they are used.

The poses were created on V4.2 Basic. No morphs, no outfit.
Depending on the morph or outfit you put on her, may you have to fine tweak the poses, and move V4  to fit your scene.

The poison -chest you can open and close.

The temple use real reflection.
This could slow down your rendertime.

The Ivy's are heavy props.
Please use them carefully.
We would suggest you, to use just one, when you have a older or slower machine.

You will find in the pack 5 camera settings with 5 light settings.
They are made to used together.
When you use the camera or lights differently , you have to fine adjust them.

Cameras and Lights will not work the same in DAZ as they do in Poser and manual adjustments may be needed.
Poser Version:     5 and up
Daz Studio:     Yes
Zip Files:     3 Zip files ( 21,2 Mb, 25,3 Mb, 17,1 Mb)

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