Jardin des Nymphs

Jardin des Nymphs

JJardin des Nymphs-Garden of Nymphs. A beautiful relaxing place to chill out.
The temple in the middle of the lake is a place to dream. The details on the columns are modeled.
The distant mountains gives your render a beautiful horizon, with depth..

Product Includes:

    Jardin des Nymphes
        15 figures (OBJ and CR2 files)
            Distant mountain
            Terrain with water
            Foliage for the tree
            Ivy for the tree
            Young Tree
            Willow tree
            Water Lily
            Lotus flower
            Tree stump
    4 Camera settings (Poser)
    4 Light settings (Poser)
    4 Preload scenes
    MAT pose file
        blue Lotus
        pink Lotus
        red Waterlily
        Daz Studio material presets for all the files

        10 Texture files for the temple with Bump and Displacement ( 2048x2048)
        1 Texture file for the Distant mountain( 2048x2048)
        2 Texture files for the Terrain (2048x2048)
        1 Texture file for the water with Bump map ( 700x700
        1Texture file with Bump map for the tree trunk ( 2048x2048)
        1 Texture file for the stones with Bump map (1024x1024)
        1 Texture file for the Ivy tree with Bump map (2048x2048)
        1 Texture file for the Willow tree with Bump map(1024x1024)
        17 Texture files for the Plants with Transparency, Bump maps (800x800) (500x500)

Templates 2 (15.5mb,24.2mb)
Zip files: 3(71.8mb, 77.1mb, 5.6mb)

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