A&M Butterfly Wings

A&M Butterfly Wings!

A&M Butterfly Wings! is a set of Butterfly Wings and Butterfly Antennas Poser figures,
intended to be used with any Poser figure: Aiko, The Freak, LaRoo, S3, V3, M3, Jessi,
James, Don, Vicky PT, Maya Doll, Posette, Miki, Koji, Bacon, the Emotiguy, or any
other Poser figure.

The Butterfly Wings and Antenna figures will work with Poser 4 or above.

NOTE: Poser 4 users will have to convert the ".jpg" bump texture files (file names
ending with B.jpg, B1.jpg, or B2.jpg) to ".bum" files (ex: B.bum, B1.bum, B2.bum).

NOTE: Poser 4 users will have to use the P4 MAT poses to apply the P4 MAT pose of
their choice to the Butterfly Wings figure (not enough space left in the zip to
make 15 separate Butterfly Wings .cr2 files).

A&M Butterfly Wings! - What you get -

- 15 different Butterfly Wings
- textures: Color, Bump and Transparency, 1365 by 2048 pixels,
- Butterfly Wings poses,
- Butterfly Wings MAT poses for Poser 4 (P4) (Poser 4 users: see NOTE above),
- Butterfly Wings MAT poses for Poser Pro Pack (PP) and above,
- Butterfly Wings materials (for Poser 5 and above),
- 7 different Butterfly Antennas
- textures: Color and Bump, 1024 by 1024 pixels,
- Butterfly Antennas poses,
- Butterfly Antennas MAT poses for Poser 4 (P4) (Poser 4 users: see NOTE above),
- Butterfly Antennas MAT poses for Poser Pro Pack (PP) and above,
- Butterfly Antennas materials (for Poser 5 and above).


A&M Butterfly Wings! - How to use -

To use the wings, just follow the simple 4-step line-up directions below

Step 1:
Load the figure of your choice and the butterfly wings set that you want.

Step 2:
Using the front camera select the "body" of the wings and move it up or down
to line up with the character, so that it looks good to you.
Note: you may also want to use the "Scale" dial to adapt the Butterfly Wings size
to your target figure (especially if you use a very small or very big figure).

Step 3:
Then move the wings backwards using the main, side or top camera to view the character.
When the wings are just slightly behind the character you are set.

Step 4:
With the Butterfly Wings figure selected, use the Pull Down Menu "Figure"
and choose the option "Set Figure Parent".
In Poser 6 this is the second item on the list.
When the parenting window opens, scroll down and find the figure to which you want
the wings parented, select its "Chest" in the list and click "OK".
You are now done.
You can now pose the Character and the wings will stay on the character's back.
Also you can select the wings and use the wings poses and they will still stay
where they should be.
If you find the wings do not line up as well as you first thought, put the character
in its "zero" pose and use the wings' zero pose included (Utility_Position).
Then select the wings' "body" and move the wings again.
You do not need to un-parent the wings, just move them and they will remain parented,
but will use your new alignment.

NOTE: For the Antennas, the 4-step procedure is the same, except that the figure's
body part on which to place the Antennas and parent them to is the "head".

System Requirements:

PC Windows or Mac OSX (No Mac Classic/OS9) (long file names make it necessary to use windows or OSX)
Poser 4 and above (Poser Pro Pack, Poser 5, Poser 6)

BONUS MATs available for free: click here to download them (9 Mo zip).

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