Candy Live Bases

Candy Live Bases

Chocolate. White chocolate. Poseable disc shaped base stands. Poseable candy canes series. Simple disc base stands to place your figures on, in multiple sizes.

You'll find all this - and more! - in this fun pack with 17 different props to play with - fully compatible with the Candy Throne Set!

The CandyLiveCanes, CandyBaseTrio and CandyLiveBases props/figures are there for you, with Master Dials to easily and quickly pose them (poses included too!), while the CandyBaseLarge, CandyBaseMedium and CandyBaseSmall are just static props for simpler (or additional) uses.

And there are also the extra small bases, CandyBaseXSm_A to CandyBaseXSm_I, each with a different UV mapping to give your figures the option to stand on a lot of texturing variety.

Oh, did we mention all the included materials, MAT poses, D|S surface presets, and poses too?

• 5 unique poseable props/figures with Master Dials (in BODY):
CandyLiveCanes, CandyBaseTrio, CandyBaseTrioALT (alternate UVs), CandyLiveBases, CandyLiveBasesALT (alternate UVs)
• 12 static disc base stands:
CandyBaseLarge, CandyBaseMedium, CandyBaseSmall, and 9 CandyBase extra small (CandyBaseXSm_A to CandyBaseXSm_I, each with different UV mapping)
• 96 DAZ|Studio MAT poses (surface presets) to apply correct D|S surface settings to the props
• 96 Poser MAT poses (No_SSS)
• 96 Poser MAT poses with SubSurfaceScattering node (With_SSS)
• 96 Poser Material Collections No_SSS and 16 With_SSS)
• 5 Poses for CandyBasesTrio prop/figure (also poseable with Master Dials in BODY)
• 20 Poses for LiveBases prop/figure (also poseable with Master Dials in BODY)
• 10 Poses for LiveCanes prop/figure (also poseable with Master Dials in BODY)
• wonderful textures, 2048 by 2048 pixels for the bases, and 1024 by 1204 pixels for the canes/border
• 2 texture templates.

+ unique morphing props/figures and static props
+ DAZ|Studio and Poser MAT poses
+ Poser SSS MAT poses
+ Poser Material Collections
+ Poses for CandyBasesTrio prop/figure
+ Poses for LiveBases prop/figure
+ Poses for LiveCanes prop/figure
+ Textures (1024 by 1024 pixels)
+ Texture templates.

This set is FULLY COMPATIBLE with the Candy Throne Set: the MAT poses and material presets of both products work on each other, so that you get many more options when you own both sets: mix and match the props and their textures, turn your throne, cage and hearts into chocolate or other materials...

D|S users: you might want to apply SubDiv once to each prop/figure, to get it to be smoother and look even better when rendered.

Poser users: please use numbered Materials instead of the numbered MAT poses if you want to change the "candy" rim of the props/figures. These numbered MAT poses work on all props of the Candy Throne Set, and the CandyLiveCanes prop/figure (not all the candy bases). The Material collections, however, will work on the candy bases props/figures as well as the canes.

Poser Version:     8+
Daz Studio:     3+
Zip Files     2 Zip Files (25.0 Mb and 14.1 Mb)
Requires:     Poser 8 or above, DAZ|Studio 3 or above

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