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Uktar ~ The Rotting ~ Autumnal Fairies ~ November 2014 Contest

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The Fantasy Attic 2014 PINUP CALENDAR is now on sale. What a GREAT GIFT these will make.

Take a trip to LULU by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Thank you to all our artists that took part in the creation of these calendars.  

We will soon be using Cafe Press to show off your art on other items beside Calendars.

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Uktar ~ The Rotting ~ Autumnal Fairies ~ November 2014 Contest

The seasons are changing and with it the focus of the people of the land as they
look to the harvesting and storing of the fruits of the land to hold them through the
coming months of winter.

Yet even as the seasons change there are many celebrations that are being held if
one knows where to look, yes the fairies of autumn have come forth and it is a treat
for the attentive to glimpse their hidden and seldom seen revelry of the season.

What shall thy see, celebrations held by the fae and wildlife of the forest,
perhaps several together during the Harvest Moon, celebrating as only fairies can?

Then with all the colours of the season on display and the spirits and autumnal
fairies in abundance cavorting, celebrating, tis possible that one can glimpse a grand
view of the wonder and magic of nature herself for those that are patient .

In a word ... scenes of autumnal fairies, readying themselves for the season.
As is the norm, you may enter up to three (3) images not entered in any contest

This will run until Midnight ..... November 29th......EST

Marpenoth ~ 7th Annual Feast of the Moon ~ Witches ~ Oct. 2014 Contest

Grand Prize: Ah, Piewacket by Nitab

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Our 2014 Fantasy Art Calendars are NOW on sale...Click the button below to pick up your copy today...
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