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Flamerule ~ 11th Anniversary Swimsuit Contest ~ July 2018 Contest

Anyone know what time it is? That's right it's "Happy Anniversary" time!
So what does that mean - why it is time for the Annual Swimsuit contest? Every July we have as our theme "swimsuits".
Simple, right? Well it is! Your character must be wearing a swimsuit. It can be as demure or racy as desired. However, please do keep in mind that although we are not prudes here, this is a family site, and children can and do look over your shoulders while you are on the web.
So break out your favorite suits for the ladies and the fellas, and let them have some fun in the summer sun - catch a ray or two, or just enjoy the beach, pool, lake or pond.
Since this is the anniversary contest you are allowed up to five images in this contest.
This will end at midnight on July 31st.

The album is found HERE


Flamerule ~ 11th Anniversary "Toon Summer Fun" ~ July 2018 Contest

As is the custom in our anniversary month we have two contests this year it has been decided to challenge those of you that like to work outside the box. 
How you ask?
Toon characters that is how. 
In this contest you can only use toon characters and your Toons need to be having some Summer Fun (Emphasis on FUN).  What they are doing is up to you.  It could be it a beach party, swimming pool party, Picnic, Volleyball Contest, Boating down a river, etc.
It is just possible that you might not have swimsuits for them but this all right as all we want you to focus on is the "toon characters" having summer time fun. 
However as mentioned the only characters you are allowed to enter are the toon characters, and if you have an "anime" character that is also acceptable, but no Victoria, Michael, Aiko, or Hiro characters allowed. 
Tis a contest for the toon characters and your chance to work outside that box and have a little fun. Just be careful sometime those toons will hit you with a dose of cuteness and then it is all over ....
Since this is the anniversary contest you are allowed up to five images in this contest.
This will end at midnight on July 31st.
The album is found HERE


JULY 2018 Challenge of the Month (CoTM)

Other than our normal TOS and the general contest rules for the COTM, THERE ARE NO RULES...NO THEME.

Nope, it's YOUR turn to come up with YOUR OWN THEMES my friends! 

Do whatever YOU are inspired to do.

You can do Magazine Covers, Book Covers, CD covers, Sci-Fi, Mythic, Steampunk, Fae, Creatures, Aliens, illustrate a song, comic...whatever flips your fancy

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.

Each participant may enter up to 3 times.

The General Rules of the COTM that apply in each and every month are HERE. Please read those as well.

This Challenge will run until Midnight US - EST July 31st  at which time it will be closed for submissions.

So welcome in COTM for JULY: "Muses Choice" The gallery is HERE


"COTM Winner" For June 2018


By rrkknight3


Kythorn ~ The Time of Flowers ~ Black and White ~ June 2018 Contest Winners 

Grand Prize: Take your Time by Chiron

1st Prize: Aura Noir-Dance of Petals by Artienne

2nd Prize: Go Quietly by Shadowhawk9973

3rd Prize: Tiger by MarciaGomes

4th Prize: Who are You by Inonit

5th Prize: Still Lost by BronzeDragon

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