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Ches ~ The Claws of Sunsets ~ Fractured Fairytales ~ March 2018 Contest 

Harken back to the days of Rocky and Bullwinkle's "Fractured Fairytales" segments that always presented some skewed version of one of our favorite fairytales. If you were going to illustrate a fairytale of your own that you twisted around a bit - or a lot - what would it look like?  

Has Grandma sent the Wolf to another dimension with her staff before he even gets to Red Riding Hood? 
Is the Beast really just a human version of his beastly self, instead of a cultured handsome prince? 
Is the braid of Rapunzel 10 feet too short to reach the prince? 
Does the Princess find the pea/bean in all her mattresses that's been vexing her, throw it out the window; only to watch it grow, and now she can climb down and escape? 

Yes, fractured meaning ever so not quite what one might have recalled from your youth. Bring to us your fairytales, fables and stories ... but only if there is a fracture or twist in the telling of the tale. 

Just in case there is any confusion as to the limits of what characters you can use in your depictions, all are welcome, so matters not if you choose to use any of your toon or regular characters, animals, or whatever else resides within your collection.

Standard rules apply.

Up to three entries if you choose. Not entered in any other contest. Must be original work of your own.

This shall run until midnight Saturday the 31st.

So join in and please have fun with the telling of your tales.

The album is 

March 2018 Challenge of the Month (CoTM)

Please read all below for the rules for this month's challenge. 

You asked for it...

well, more or less. 

We'll say you made the appropriate sorts of indicators (grunts, giggles and snorts) that you might like to have a go. we are: 

Name your favorite SCI-FI author, character or story! Bet you can't, because you have too many. Well, I have a small solution to that for this month of March.

Show us your impressions of your favorite story or stories, or a character in a story in a scene from that story. 

Or if you like, make your own story, characters and a little dialogue to describe what's happening.  

Characters can be human, alien, cyborg, or fantastic creatures. It can be straight-on SCI-FI, SteamPunk SCI-FI or SCI-FI Fantasy. If it's SCI-FI, do it. 
Please provide the name of the story or book and the author if not more - more is your choice - like a line or two of dialogue or description to set the mood. If it's your story, same applies. Use your name as author. 

This contest will run until MIDNIGHT E.S.T. on Saturday, March 31st, 2018. 
You may enter 3 (three) images. 

Welcome to our March 2018 COTM - SCI-FI FANFEST

The gallery is 

++++++++++++++++++++ WINNERS ++++++++++++++++++++

"COTM Winner": February 2018

"A Statue In The Garden"

The Faun Boy

The Faun Boy by mtdana

Alturiak ~ Let the Good Times Roll ... It's Mardi Gras ~ Febuary 2018 Contest Winners

Grand Prize:  Fun on Bourbon Street by CathyY

1st Prize: Mardi Gras Dancer by Carolann

2nd Prize: Introvert Party by Ali_sen

3rd Prize: Party Harty by BronzeDragon

4th Prize: Ready for the Party by Heitaikai

5th Prize: Three Lanes at Tulane's by rrkknight3

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