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Uktar ~ The Rotting ~ Into the Light Comes the Dragon ~ November 2017 Contest  

Welcome to the Highharvestide Feast, it is right around the corner and preparations are nearly complete here at The Fantasy Attic.

 But in order to get to the festival the residents must journey into the night to reach their destination. With only Candles and Lanterns to guide their way, they must avoid all dangers....especially the Dragons that are always in waiting. 

Damn, I hate walking by myself to the fest-hall during the dark, where is my lantern, ... ahh, illumination. 

 Um, gulp ... what was that .... no it couldn't be ... not here. 

 Time for another mixed theme contest folks. Your challenge is to create scenes using Candles or Lanterns in any environment you choose for the trek to the festival.....but you must also show the group or individual, coming upon a DRAGON of your choice. Be it mean, friendly, hungry, small or big, winged or not.... 

 So running till midnight on November 30th, up to three entries per person, and all original work not entered in any other contest. 

 Album is HERE . 

NEW!! November 2017 Challenge of the Month (COTM)

It is to your benefit to read all parameters here.

ANACHRONISM: a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned: "Everything was as it would have appeared in centuries past apart from one anachronism, a bright yellow construction crane"

This month celebrates the weird and out of place with "Absurd Anachronisms" - things that are out of place in time....either older or newer than the rest of the image content in terms of time - ages future or past - and just a little 'off-kilter'.  

Like a Renaissance lady eating a hamburger in her chambers, or Cinderella's carriage at a drive-in burger space.  

Like a few knights sitting in a medieval pub drinking fru-fru drinks and playing poker with chips...with a gunslinger. 

 We're looking for something that makes it out of place and rather absurdly funny. 

So, put your head in a Monty Python space and make us laugh or scratch our heads in wonder!


Those are the rules for "Absurd Anachronisms", our COTM challenge for the month of November, 2017. As always, enter as many times as you like.

You have until THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30th, 2017, MIDNIGHT - 12:00 PM EST.

At that time, the contest will be closed..

The album is HERE

                                                                              Our winner in the COTM Contest October 2017

                                                                                               "Monsters Incorporated"

                                        Listen to the Creatures of the Night ... Oh What Music they Make

And the Winning Artist is:

Details HERE.


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