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2017 Community Gift Pages

Looking for pledges again
for our holiday gift pages.

Read the thread Here.

Thank you in advance for sharing.

Halloween Pledges!
Llola Lane

Seliah (maybe)

In My hands:

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We have many special projects and every now and then a Special Cause that requires your generous help.

There are times when we do a collection to help a member in need of assistance and all those proceeds go directly to that member.

All donations of what ever size are WELCOME.

Thank you.


Monthly Competitions

July 2017 contest have begun!

Flamerule ~ 9th Annual Swimsuit Contest ~ Beach Party ~ July 2017

Flamerule ~ On the Banks of the Kingdom of Elves ~ 10th Anniversary ~ July 2017 Contest

Our Kythorn ~ The Time of Flowers ~ Moonlight Becomes You ~ June 2017 contest has ended. Winners found here!

2017 Challenge of the Month

NEW!! July 2017 Challenge of the Month (COTM)

Find the Child winner:

A Walk in the Park © QXI

Details here.

Weekly Competitions

Your Art 

Thanks to all of our generous sponsors.

Some you find by clicking their banner and you can see the prizes we host for some to give our winners by going to our Sponsor Showcase


Flamerule ~ 9th Annual Swimsuit Contest ~ Beach Party ~ July 2017

Welcome to our birthday party for The Fantasy Attic, yes folks on the 15th of the month we will have been here on the world wide spider web for ten (10) years. "Surprise, surprise as that is saying something these days with the overnight, here one minute and gone the next sites, fads and so forth.

We have a long standing tradition here when our birthday comes round and since it is summer time what could be better then "swimsuits"

... yes "swimsuits" and what would be better than having a "Beach Party or maybe a party at the Swimming Pool" however all characters in your image must be in a swimsuit, no exceptions. 

Granted it could be anything from a complete one piece for either sex, or a modest bikini for the ladies and speedo's for the gents, or for the truly daring ladies ... barely there ... bottom line all must be wearing a swimsuit.

Can be any character as well, male, female kids, aliens ... even Kianna might put a swimsuit on for all of you ... or maybe not ... she is such a shy and timid person.

So since this is our birthday you are allowed up to five (5) entries, all original, not posted in any other contests and you have till midnight July 31st to submit your entries.

Album is HERE

Flamerule ~ On the Banks of the Kingdom of Elves ~ 10th Anniversary ~ July 2017 Contest

Welcome to our 10th Anniversary it is so good to see all of you here, both old hands and our recent members we hope you will stick around for a long time to come and also join in the fun during our monthly contest especially this our anniversary contest.

Like I said it is our 10th year since we opened the doors here and we have gone through many changes and this time it is your turn to let your imagination run free in this our "On the Banks of the Kingdom of Elves" themed contest.

Sounds complicated but really it is not, as it can mean several things, one is your member of the fae races could be at the border between the human and Elven realms, or it could be a river or inland sea bank within the Elven lands that you and your companions visit throughout the year. Which either thought gives your fae folks plenty of chances to get into hi-jinks of any kind.

The choice is yours. There is no mandate for their to be swimsuits but if one is on the banks of a river or inland sea you might just want to be able to take a dip .... just saying.

So since this is our anniversary you are allowed up to five (5) entries, all original, not posted in any other contests and you have till midnight July 31st to submit your entries.

Album is HERE


NEW!! July 2017 Challenge of the Month (COTM)

This month, I don't want stories.Nope.

I want to see EXPRESSIONS that tell the whole story in a look, a gesture, a smile. Your title says it all. Pick yourself a title and then make it happen. Is your character in love, enraged, in awe, frustrated, daydreaming, sad, curious...? Do they have an idea? Have they just 'seen' something in an unusual way or something unusual?

 It doesn't have to be a big story. It can be just one of those brief moments in time. Capture it. THE RULES: You may use any character that is capable of assuming expressions.

No PRE-MADE or PRE-SET Expressions. You MAY use Morphs ++ Expressions ONLY IN COMBINATION with other Basic and Head dials for expressions. You may NOT use Morphs ++ expressions ONLY. The EXPRESSIONS HAVE TO BE YOURS.

That's the rules this time. A picture is worth a thousand words. Make it so. Put some personality in your characters with EXPRESSIONS! 

As always, enter as many times as you like until Sunday, July 30th, 2017.

The General Rules of the COTM that apply in each and every month are by HERE. Please read those as well.

Every Picture Tells a Story is your COTM challenge for July.


June 2017 Find the Child winner:

A Walk in the Park © QXI

Details here.


Kythorn ~ Time of Flowers ~ Moonlight Becomes You ~ June 2017 winners

Grand Prize: The Long way Back Home by UteBigSmile
1st Prize: Blue Moon Shower by Midnightvelvet
2nd Prize: Mermaid Joy by rrkknight3
3rd Prize: Moon Light in a Bottle! by Radkres
4th Prize: By the Light of the Moon by M-Callahan
5th Prize: Flight of the Eclipse by Carolann

Poser and Daz

Poser has 2 versions to choose from all are easy to learn and just advanced from each other for greater versatility.
Poser can be used in conjunction with Daz Studio, if preferred.

Developing your own content?

Then Poser Pro is just right for you especially now that Poser Pro Game Dev has been incorporated into PoserPro!

We are proud to have Poser as a sponsor for our contests, giving our members the opportunity to use their program.

Poser (current version), Poser Pro (current  version) and the new Poser Pro Dev for the gamer modellers.

All Poser Products Here

Poser 11Poser Pro

Daz Studio

Just what you need, works in conjunction with Poser Characters or by itself with its own Genesis Characters

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