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Tarsakh ~ The Claws of Storms ~ All Things Winged ~ April 2017 Contest

Ah yes, the rites of Spring are upon us and things are beginning to bloom, blossom and turn green once again.

There is a dilemma though, and that is the amount of flying creatures that come out this time of year. Such beings that are winged be they humanoid, avian, insect, mythical have a tendency to not always be wholesome. Most are mind you, but a few are ever so far off the mark. But guess what? Their depiction in this contest is allowed, and we encourage each of you to think beyond that ever so tiny little box.

All of thee know that "winged" persons or creatures can take many forms. So do you desire angels, demons, birds, insects, or perhaps creature of unknown description?

It is your choice! All Things ... as long as they have wings ... that is. It would be nice that your creations are shall we say living beings, but if your muse leads you down a path of the inanimate and there are wings associated with or enabling said object to fly then who am I to say no to thee?

Normal rules up to three entries per person, not entered elsewhere in a contest and this shall run till midnight on the 30th.

As always have fun and we look forward to your creations.

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NEW!! April 2017 Challenge of the Month (COTM)

  April COTM - Around the Round Table

Who has never dreamed by reading or listening stories about the Knights of the Round Table? Their adventures were numerous, sometimes weird throughout the lands and forests, castles and old churches, rivers and even across the seas.

Lancelot, Tristan, Gawain, Kay, Percival...

And yes, characters who aren't knights are allowed: those such as Merlin, Morgan le Fay, Guinevere... or even a totally unknown character who comes from your Muse!

The style is yours: the knight does have to either be wearing courtly attire or armor, and be identified by his name in your creation.

All is asked to you it's to show at least one knight in relation with the Arthurian's world in the scene.

So allow us to travel inside Wales, England, Brocéliande, Logres...

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.

You May Enter as many times as you like. The gallery is HERE

The General Rules of the COTM that apply in each and every month are HERE. Please read those as well.

This Challenge will run from April 1st till the month's end, at midnight US - EST at which time it will be closed for submissions.

Ches ~ Warrior Queens ... ~ March 2017 Contest Winners

Grand Prize: Queen of the Forsaken by Loligagger

1st Place: Queen of the Forest Rangers by FrahHawk

2nd Place: Ches ~ Warrior Queen ~ Wrecked by Renecyberdoc

3rd Place: Inherited Crown by Reserv888

4th Place: Queen's Market Visit by QXI

5th Place: Queen Tending to the Children by SndCastie

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