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Kythorn ~ The Time of Flowers ~ Black and White ~ June 2018 Contest

Welcome to a new month and a new contest. So glad to see you all here once again.

Been a busy month in the galleries being filled up with all the lovely art that each of you share with us.

This time we are returning to a previous favorite subject for the theme.

"Black and White"

Sounds simple and it is, all your art must be in black and white, no color at all. There are numerous ways to achieve this effect but that is up to you how you acheive the final look.

I leave that in your capable hands.

Standard rules once again.

Three entries per person, must be original work, and this will run until midnight the 30th.

The album is found HERE

JUNE 2018 Challenge of the Month (CoTM)

Thank you to read all the text to find the challenge parameters:

Cities and towns are a mix of many things, and they have always their part of mysteries.

What happens here or there? Where are borders between districts... or perhaps between worlds?

Your challenge this month is to show a part of a town or city like the border of something. It can be simply a country border, a world border... Where your imagination will go?  All epochs and styles of towns are welcome.

Your entries must not be entered in ANY contest elsewhere. Images must be new or reworked from an earlier one.

Each participant may enter up to 3 times.

The General Rules of the COTM that apply in each and every month are HERE. Please read those as well.

This Challenge will run from June 1st to Saturday June 30th until midnight US - EST at which time it will be closed for submissions.

So welcome in COTM for June: "Bordertown" The gallery is HERE

++++++++++++++++++++ WINNERS ++++++++++++++++++++

"COTM Winner" May 2018

"Song from a Secret Garden"


By Heitaikai

Mirtul ~ The Melting ~ Flight of the Flutterwings ~ May 2018 Contest Winners

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