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Freebie Site Listing / Re: Extend 3D Freebies, all Freebies
« Last post by Carolann on Today at 04:10:20 AM »
thankyou x
MONTHLY CONTEST THEME POLLS / Re: April Contest Theme Ideas~2018
« Last post by KyotoKid on Today at 02:55:32 AM »
OMG Sidherose...the only song I knew by Luvin Spoonful was Summer In The City...lol..thanks for that.
And just saw the message...lol
No problem with the way the list was done.
...killer song.  did as Daz scene influenced by it.
Hey All,

Ok just started poser and still learning Photoshop 5.
My head is spinning from all the youtube videos I lately saw and the guide i have read that I have bought.
But the problem is there that most guides are for people somewhat more advanced.

Like I wrote at my hello  page, which I think nobody saw because of all the glitter hihi.  I am writing a book which me and my partner want to turn into a 2D game. Because I just started Photoshop 5 not many years ago, I could not draw toons. That's why me and my partner thought lets try 3d toons. Both severe chronical diseased we have a small budget so we decided to focus on a decent serie of toons, old so in comparison cheap and populair so that all fancy kind of stuff had been made for them. Therefore M4, secondary V4 (V4.2). Thirth F4, and as requirements the other toons, although still not have Hiro. Missed his offer by the wonderfull huge sale of DAZ. Invested quite now; its time to render all the stuff.

Ok my questions:
1. Daz the West Park Morgue and Basement Poses says is require West Park MorgueWest Park Basement. But How can poses for the toons require this? Will I be in trouble if I buy this without the requirements?

2. Is it possible to shop/ delete m4's legs off in poser with out difficult stuff?
Asking this because i want to use the legs of Creatura- The Harpy for Victoria 4 for M4. Can not find the m4 version.

3a. Like I asked in my intro:I wish somebody made cool ears and cool orc teeth and tusks for M4 F4 H4.SickleYield's Fantastical Ears Genesis 3D Figure Assets SickleYield Super cool ears https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/sickleyields-fantastical-ears-genesis/90621/On the picture are cool tusks too. They are not included though. But its for genesis.
- Is it possible to use Sickleyields ears on M4? Easy way?
Than I only have to find tusks.

3b. If you buy a toon with elf ears can you stick the elf ears on the toon that is needing them? If yes, must you need new textures then too? The toon does have normal ears.

4. See my intro, the guy I have made. I am thinking now to buy Blacksmith pro. I have wrote them; 7 pro will fit Photoshop 5. To change the skin on him permanently with my scale texture. Good idea? - Is it a easy program? I can change things on textures easy with this program? See Q5 do I need Matpanel to get them in?

5 Learning this tutorial
halfway it referes to this program, welll the 2012 version of it:
- You can not get the new textures in without the program? The tut, does not say how.
Is the program indeed a must have? Will it fit Poser 11?

I have much more questions, but first let me focus on this.
Please, If you take your time to aswer there questions; I am really a noob.  :ummm:

Cheers and again thanks for the lovely welcome. *Modified spelling :)

Coffee Shoppe and Gardens / Re: 2018 Coffee Shop and Gardens
« Last post by McGrandpa on Today at 02:15:04 AM »

Just for fun:

Thanks for posting this Ray, it was fun!   
Coffee Shoppe and Gardens / Re: 2018 Coffee Shop and Gardens
« Last post by McGrandpa on Today at 02:13:34 AM »
a cat shot and a ride on the shuttle were on  my bucket list  but  shuttle  had to get  crossed off  I think the cat  shot and resulting landing on a carrier  would  be  the  ultimate  adrenalin  rush and  worth  doing  scared  kinda  balls enough to do  it  sure  would

Yeah!  I heard THAT!   LOL!   I'm gonna sit back on my nicely padded desk chair and with cuppa COFFEE in hand, watch as you get cat shot off a carrier.   I guess when you regain consciousness you will hoot and holler your happiness, right?  Heh!   Your fighter pilot might well be a young lady, these days, too!   And that's cool beans!!!!!!!
 :tearlaugh: :ny-fathertime: :crazysmile: :yippee: :winks: :shock:
Coffee Shoppe and Gardens / Re: 2018 Coffee Shop and Gardens
« Last post by McGrandpa on Today at 02:07:55 AM »

Just for fun:

That's a BIG puddy tat!    LOL!    Yeah I'd read that stuff about our Pumas.   Hadn't actually heard them doing it though.   That's amazing, wonderful.   And as terrific and sweet as that was, we can't forget for a second what they ARE.   They are the 2nd heaviest wild cat native to the Americas.   I suppose if they are well fed they can be "sweet" natured, ha!   This little discussion on Big Cats in Americas has had me learning that we actually have quite a variety of wild cat species here.   That is way cool I think.  Margays, Ocelots, Pampas cats and a handful more species are all native wild cats.  Most are spotted.  And they are AMERICAN!  I have seen some that are shaped very much like my buddy Tattoo.  This really shouldn't surprise me as he is a hybrid.  I like all our furred friends.  Canids as well as Felids.   There does come a point where you leave the wild ones to be Wild, though.   All these cats we are looking at are gorgeous, like that sweet purring chatty Puma in the video.  But keep one for a "pet" ?  Um, don't think so!   We do have Pumas here in the Panhandle.  I've seen one myself.   We were inside an office building at a cattle yard where the bro in law works.  It was winter, gets dark early, and about 7 pm we spotted a furry face quietly looking in on us at one of those floor to ceiling narrow windows they often put in corrugated metal buildings.  The head sure looked bigger than ours!  They have huge yellow eyes that have dots, not slits, for pupils. The nose leather was wallet size.   A BIG cat, in other words!   That was a sighting that made me smile.   
Our Voting Area / Re: 2018 Voting Thread
« Last post by McGrandpa on Today at 01:46:38 AM »

The Fantasy Attic now has 3246 votes towards this years awards
and 39797 as the total number of votes for all time.
Coffee Shoppe and Gardens / Re: 2018 Coffee Shop and Gardens
« Last post by McGrandpa on Today at 01:20:51 AM »
Loved that image in the gallery of hawking's chair in space!
 :tearlaugh: :tearlaugh: :tearlaugh:

Here's the latest audio from hawking's chair shortly after his passing. Saved it in wav format.

ROFL!   Holey Pee stains and smoldering ass cracks, Batman!  What are we gonna DO ?!!!?   ROFL!   :tearlaugh: :ny-fathertime:
Coffee Shoppe and Gardens / Re: 2018 Coffee Shop and Gardens
« Last post by Agent0013 on March 17, 2018, 11:48:16 PM »
dRaCX, that is so funny. It's like the chair was the real intelligence! LOLOL
Coffee Shoppe and Gardens / Re: Space Weather
« Last post by sidherose on March 17, 2018, 10:54:58 PM »
Some amazing shots of Mars:

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