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Author Topic: The Asetians  (Read 4457 times)

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The Asetians
« on: January 08, 2009, 06:23:20 AM »
The Asetians are the Children of Aset. Immortal. Wise. Transformational. Eternal.
Their souls were created out of the purity of Her essence alone. By this, they are not human. No matter how much their physical shell in this incarnation might look like, their soul is part of Aset Herself.
"These demigods were not human, but were not so different from them either, and unlike their mother, they would not leave the physical realm at the end of the Sep Tepy. And so they would remain here, as their own mother's representatives, always evolving, forever changing and adapting to the new realities, as societies change and shift. They soon gathered followers and allies, to which they passed knowledge and transformed their Ba, like the sacred kiss that Aset once gave to them, long time before, and in this way giving birth to a whole new spiritual race in the shadows of this world. They would be known as the Asetians." Their soul's immortality, predatory spirituality, energy need and abilities earned them the name of Vampires, a definition coined by mankind to this immortal kin that they could not comprehend. The Asetians gave birth to countless myths of immortal beings along the millennia, from Vampires to Daemons. Most stories were retold orally, created and changed by mankind, and many linger still in our days, disguised in the form of folklore, legend and myth.
The word Asetian refers to the immortal bloodline created by Aset. In Her own divine act of creation, She gave birth to three Children out of Her essence alone. Those are the Primordial Asetians, the first of their kin, perfect representations of the Lineages found in Asetianism. This explains the triple nature of the bloodline and is represented by the three Asetian Lineages: Serpent, the Lineage of Viperines; Scorpion, the Lineage of Guardians; Scarab, the Lineage of Concubines. Asetian Bible. (Public Version, Aset Ka, 2007) "Development and enlightenment is a slow and enduring process of the Asetian journey through life. This metaphysical initiation is a system of transmutation. By this pure and deep change, it is meant that the Asetian achieves to alter in form, appearance and nature, which is a manifestation of the force of the Violet Flame itself. This transmutation, deeply connected with the vampiric birth, represents the alchemical nature of the Asetian soul, ever changing and eternal. According to this, we can establish the Asetians as the alchemists of the soul, creators and destroyers, catalysts of change and evolution, with the power to transform lead into gold. Asetians are the givers of life, the pillars of the subtle existence, owners of the breath of immortality." Asetian Bible. (Public Version, Aset Ka, 2007) To the Asetians, inheritors of immortality, their divine nature is one of their highest reasons of proudness. But they are much more than a bloodline of the Gods. Asetians are an eternal and unbreakable family. A metaphysical sacred family united by bonds that no human can comprehend. Their union is their greatest strength, and the main reason that allowed them to linger still, united as once before, thousands of years after their lives in Ancient Egypt.
Loyalty and honor are the most unshakable foundations of an Asetian towards his kin and the Aset Ka. Hallmarks that they not only treasure and admire, but definitive requirements to anyone that desires the chance to get close to them...

The Kemetic Order of Aset Ka is a spiritual society and metaphysical order of mysteries, which vindicates to be founded in Kemet by an entity known as Aset, during a time they call the Sep Tepy. The word Kemet means Black Land in Ancient Egyptian, referring to the lands of Egypt itself, in the shores of the Nile; while Sep Tepy means First Time, a Kemetic terminology to a supposedly golden era of their civilization, an ancient primordial timeframe that predates Dynastic Egypt.

The Order, as it is commonly referred, is one of the most influential Kemetic Orders, as well as vampiric movements, inside the occult underground in Europe, especially in the Iberian Peninsula.

Its tradition is connected with the Left Hand Path, Black Magic and Dark Occultism, but ultimately based on Egyptian Magick, practicing mystical Vampirism and studying chaos magick, as well as different forms of High Magick, energy work and rituals, considered highly elite in the wide occult studies spectrum.

The name Aset Ka is transliterated from Ancient Egyptian, and is composed of two different words

Aset being the Egyptian name for the Goddess Isis, which is a Greek name for the Egyptian Goddess of magick and power, and also meaning literally "Throne" in Ancient Egyptian, being the reason why Isis is many times painted with a throne symbol on her head. She is sometimes considered to be the Goddess of Many Names, the face behind many divinities, and the Goddess of All Gods;
Ka meaning vital energy and being part of the Egyptian concept of soul.

"The Order of Aset Ka is an elitist secretive society. The essence and knowledge behind the Aset Ka is not found in buildings, objects or common books. Its mysteries are only unveiled to the worthy and its doors only open for the ones who are loyal and true. For everyone else... the Order will never exist." Aset Ka Official Website

The vampires of the House of Aset, the Order of Aset Ka, are not vampires from fiction or myth, nor are they new-age psychic vampires alike. They belong to a very specific metaphysical breed, or otherkin bloodline, born thousands of years ago. Long dead and reborn, in an ever-changing world, their souls linger forever and, in silence, they walk among us.

"Asetians are not passive beings in a changing world. They impose themselves above that world and their forces, conquering it with their own divine spark. Asetianism is about finding the divine but also how to fully comprehend the sacredness of the divinity within." Aset Ka Official Website

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Re: The Asetians
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2009, 06:59:05 AM »
Vampirism: Dark Kiss, Awakening and Immortality
The Order vindicates that Asetianism is the first spiritual system of vampirism in history, created by vampires. And although there are many widespread cults concerning the archetype of the vampire, Asetianism is the only organized religion for vampires to date.

In an Order highly connected to vampirism and magick, Aset Ka members are known for taking very seriously their actions and beliefs.
According to some of their own writings, they believe that as vampires, manipulating and drawing vital energy from others or by the consumption of living blood from humans (willing donors, or not) allows for their powers to manifest. It is said that these powers include actions like energy manipulation, magickal attacks, psychic abilities and others. But it is not claimed that they need those drains, or vampiric attacks, in order to keep themselves alive or immortal like in the vampire myths. Their concept of immortality goes far deeper than death of the flesh, being related to their belief that an Asetian soul, unlike a human being, is truly immortal.

According to the Asetian mythology, the Asetians are a vampiric bloodline that started in Ancient Egypt by Aset, that conceived three sacred children out of her essence. This is the reason as why they are known as the Children of Aset, and vindicate to be the eldest vampiric bloodline alive.

As it is told in the Asetian Bible, following Aset's three children, an empire was forged in secret, that allowed for the spread of the Asetian bloodline. The Elder vampires would have the powers to spiritually transform a human being into an Asetian, by an initiatory magickal procedure that the Asetians called the Dark Kiss, whose details are not fully unveiled even in the Order's own public works. Certainly one of the magickal rituals, or initiatory techniques, more surrounded in secrecy around the occult panorama.

After the dramatic experience that is the Dark Kiss, the initiate is said to undergo a process of spiritual transmutation, known as the Awakening. During this time, it is supposed for his full life, mind and soul to be reborn, into a new immortal vampiric being: an Asetian. The Awakening is believed to be an evolutionary step in the life of an Asetian, that undergoes that process of transformation in every life, representing the phase where they grow aware of their true nature and find their path within the Aset Ka.

"This acceptance of darkness and light is a central point in the Asetian tradition, understanding that only through the acknowledgement of these two forces combined inside every one of us and the cooperation and balance between them, can allow a true fulfillment of the individual as a whole, being complete. Someone that only promotes light, peace, harmony and good feelings, saying he never feels anger or hate and that there are no bad feelings inside his heart, is not complete. He is simply blocking part of himself and not admitting a whole other side of his nature, not fully expressing his own reality and not completely knowing himself, repressing many impulses, thoughts and feelings, resulting in an ultimately intolerant, unbalanced and incomplete being. This also applies to anyone that only promotes violence, anger and darkness, without any embrace of the other side present in their own nature."

Aset Ka uses an internal hierarchical structure system. Based on knowledge, influence and power inside the Order casts, it organizes in several different initiatory levels, who's nature is not known outside of the Order itself. But a very different concept than Aset Ka's hierarchical structure is what they call Lineages. Lineages in this sense is a strictly Asetian definition and refers to the three kinds of Asetians that can exist within the Asetian bloodline. The three Lineages are a great mystery within the Aset Ka teachings and they refer not only to the three ways in which an Asetian soul can evolve spiritually after Awakening, as well as they represent highly powerful metaphysical archetypes. Although detailedly addressed in the Asetian Bible, the names of the Lineages are known as:

Serpent, The Lineage of Viperines
Scorpion, The Lineage of Guardians
Scarab, The Lineage of Concubines

"These demigods were not human, but were not so different from them either, and unlike their mother, they would not leave the physical realm at the end of the Sep Tepy. And so they would remain here, as their own mother's representatives, always evolving, forever changing and adapting to the new realities, as societies change and shift. They soon gathered followers and allies, to which they passed knowledge and transformed their Ba, like the sacred kiss that Aset once gave to them, long time before, and in this way giving birth to a whole new spiritual race in the shadows of this world. They would be known as the Asetians."

However, the whole Order's existence and practices are surrounded by secrecy, even inside their own closed structure. One of the main pillars of Aset Ka is their rigid rules and policies, common to other dark orders, where no failure or weakness is ever accepted, and where there are no second chances given. Membership is, of course, only possible by direct invitation from the Order's higher powers.

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Re: The Asetians
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2009, 07:53:10 AM »
Bravo   :smiledance:   

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Re: The Asetians
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2009, 06:34:47 PM »
  Bravo indeed....A wonderful read and very captivating
We Shall Stand

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Re: The Asetians
« Reply #4 on: January 08, 2009, 07:20:17 PM »
Indeed have read it twice
"But who is stronger, truly, I asked myself, he who continues to wound and bleed himself to please others, or he who refuses any longer to do so?"

Fighting Slave of Gor by John Norman

Offline Cynroth

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Re: The Asetians
« Reply #5 on: January 12, 2009, 08:31:24 AM »
An interesting account, indeed! I had never heard of Aset, or the Asetians before now, and I'll have to do some more research in this area. Thanks for sharing this with us!
Those who have forgotten their past, have little, if any, future...

Offline The Grim

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Re: The Asetians
« Reply #6 on: January 18, 2009, 08:15:24 AM »
I have studied this for a long time and over the many, many, many years have fond lots of information regarding vampires but I did not reply to this to babble about what I know or think so I shall let the experts tell you. 

Vampire Experts
by Angie McKaig

Vampires have been a subject of study for hundreds of years. Some of these studies have become must-reads for amateur vampire enthusiasts. Here's what some of the professionals have to say...

...on Origins of the Vampire Myth

"Vampirism was one of the most demonic outbreaks of mass hysteria ever to sweep the world. Its origins are rooted at the beginning of time and almost all of them are founded on superstition."

- Anthony Masters, author of The Natural History of The Vampire

"The origins of the vampire myth lie in the mystery cults of oriental civilizations...the Nepalese Lord of Death, the Tibetan Devil, and the Mongolian God of Time."

- Devendra P. Varma, author of The Vampire in Legend, Lore, and Literature

"The concept of the vampire is not only firmly rooted in legends and folk-myths of antiquity, but also established by facts of history and eye-witness accounts."
- Devendra P. Varma, author of The Vampire in Legend, Lore, and Literature

"[T]he vampire (or its structural equivalent) was a universal figure in human culture, which emerged in the natural course of life. That is to say, the vampire probably emerged independently at many points in human culture. There is little evidence to suggest that the vampire emerged at one time and place, and then diffused around the world from that primal source."
- J. Gordon Melton, author of The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead

...on Qualities of the Vampire

"Can the Devil endow a vampire with the qualities of subtlety, rarification, increase, and diminishing, so that it may pass through doors and windows? I answer that there is no doubt the Demon can do this."
- Montague Summers, author of The Vampire: His Kith and Kin

"Vampyres issue forth from their graves in the night, attack people sleeping quietly in their beds, suck out all the blood from their bodies and destroy them... Those under the vampyres' fatal influence complain of suffocation and a total weakness of spirit, soon after which they die. Some who, when at the point of death, are asked if they can tell what is causing their debility, reply that some person who recently died has arisen from the tomb to torment them. And when that person is exhumed...it appears in all parts fresh and full of blood...without corruption."
- Johannes Heinrich Zopfius, author of Dissertation on Serbian Vampyres (1773)

"The vrykolakas [Greek for vampire] is the body of an evil and wicked man, often one who has been excommunicated. Such bodies do not, like other corpses, decompose after burial, but having a very tough skin, become swollen and distended..."
- Leo Allatius, author of On the Current Opinions of Certain Greeks (1645)

"[F]or about the last sixty years, we have been witnesses of new extraordinary incidents in Hungary, Moravia, Silesia, Poland. In those places, we are told, men dead for several months return from the tomb, speak, walk about in hamlets and villages, and injure men and beasts, whose blood they drain, causing illness and death. The only cure for these horrible attacks is to dig up the corpses, drive a sharp stake through the bodies, cut off the heads, tear out the hearts, or burn the bodies to ashes. The name of these ghosts is Oupires or Vampires, which in the Slavonic language means bloodsuckers. The details of the actual cases are so well-attested and legally documented that it seems impossible not to accept them."
- Dom August Calmet, author of A Treatise on Apparitions, Spirits and Vampires (1746)

...on the Psychology behind the Vampire Myth

"The vampire is the night-prowling symbol of man's hunger for - and fear of - everlasting life...The mixture of attraction and repulsion...is the essence of the vampire concept."
- Margaret Carter, author of the preface to Varney the Vampire

"There are reasons for talking mummies and roaming vampires - psychological ones. Psychologists tell us that nearly every one of us has a hidden fear of being buried alive."
-Thomas Aylesworth, author of Vampires and Other Ghosts

"Whether we read books and watch films about vampires for psychological reasons or simply for entertainment, each of us keeps the vampire myth alive. While we may be able to understand rationally that vampires do not exist, who among us does not start at the shadow at the window, the squeak in the dark?"
- Daniel C. Scavone, author of Vampires

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Re: The Asetians
« Reply #7 on: January 19, 2009, 08:39:28 AM »
Or they are given the label "rare condition" and forgotten by the medical comunity at large.


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