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Author Topic: Our Contest Images ----  (Read 993 times)

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Offline DarkAngel

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Our Contest Images ----
« on: October 27, 2015, 02:18:13 AM »
Hello all,

Let me start this with we are so happy to have you all here and that you have an enormously great time in the forum and gallery with the contests, there are some really awesome images in there.

I have been asked several times and thought to get this out there for all of you to see in your inboxes...just some guidelines.

1. Read the description of a contest to make sure you understand what it is to be expected...ask questions if you do not understand...we are here to help out.

2. Make sure you enter with only the amount you are allowed to enter, if it is 3 images to enter then 3 it should be....sometimes we overlook the image amounts due to not much participation but the rules are there to be followed.

I would hate to see you get disqualified for entering too many times.

3. Contest entries for our site:
    -- Entries MUST NOT be entered into ANY other contests ANYWHERE.
    -- They MAY be put into other site galleries -- normal albums-- but do mention that they are entered here in a contest.
    -- Entries here MUST be new and not used previously ANYWHERE else, unless you significantly change them to be new

The above set of rules are here to make things fair. Just like we have judges that are impartial we want the images to be above board too.

It would not be fair to enter here and another site then possibly win at both sites, not usual but probable.

Winning a contest or if we have more than one contest (mini ones  and sidebox weekly contests not included)

   -- Winners in the contest are chosen for  a placement are not eligible for another placement in the same contest.
   -- If a winner wins in one contest and enters the second one, they probably won't be able to win in the consecutive contest (depends on placement won on one contest and entries posted and other things too numerous to mention)

We do want you all to have a great time and want you to enter any and all contests to have a chance at winning and want to give all a chance so all that said above it all boils down to....... "depends" attitude.

I hope I have touched on things well but if you have questions then please ask, we welcome questions and do not think anyone a pest for asking questions....not that type of forum.

For more information on contests and galleries there is this wonder post from sidherose, she explains things so well.

About our Contests and Galleries

Keep this link handy as well as this topic, please bookmark them for future reference.


Fear not,
You are never alone,
I am there to comfort and guide you...

Offline sidherose

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Re: Our Contest Images ----
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2015, 02:29:15 AM »
Hopefully, between the two of us it's a little more clear now.

:thumb_up: DA!

Offline Carolann

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Re: Our Contest Images ----
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2015, 03:19:28 AM »
Thankyou for that information. Sometimes my brain doesnt always take in instructions I must admit. I try to read it two or three times to make sure I understand too. Tis old age me thinks hahaha. The main thing for me with all these comps is the taking part and the inspiration your challenges give me.Not about the winning.  I would have given up digi art a long time ago but for you guys.
Every day is a learning day

Offline DarkAngel

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  • Madness abounds so don't make me eat you.
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Re: Our Contest Images ----
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2015, 04:40:14 AM »
We love all the artwork and it makes us, me especially, very proud of you all when we see the improvements taking place from one image to the next.

It is great to see and wishful that it was something the site instigated. That is why I love to do the mini challenges with the "splicing", and Amaranth with her challenges and sidherose when she has hers too.

We love it when you all think out of the box and try something different.

There are mistakes in artwork, only happy mistakes that can be altered to suit our needs, now if only  them Poser people would move like we want them to when we want them to move...LOL
Fear not,
You are never alone,
I am there to comfort and guide you...


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