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Author Topic: Previous Theme Ideas ~ 2016  (Read 705 times)

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Previous Theme Ideas ~ 2016
« on: December 30, 2015, 09:37:29 AM »
Do you remember of Previous Theme Ideas ~ 2015 ?
So we continue this new year again.
Themes we show here are those in the final voting stage each month; they were not selected this time, but they can have another chance.

They are examples for your ideas of themes in next months. You can take again them, or change a part at your convenience.
You can propose old themes not put there too.
And of course, new themes that you think!

Rendez-vous each month in specific topics!  :balloons2:

2016 Theme Finalist

Through the Eyes of a Child
Myths and Legends
Mrs. Clause Pinups - Show why Mrs. Clause became Santa's wife.
Winter Wonderland
Magical Christmas
Christmas Cards - Create what your Christmas card will look like this year be sure to include fantasy creatures.

The Reaper
Masquerade Ball
The Lake => All scenes must have a pond, lake or stream
Miss November ( classic pinup style calendar Page )
Fireplace Fun, must have fireplace in scene.
Through the Looking Glass,  must have subject, mirror and reflection.

Pixies, Gnomes, Faes....Gone Bad
Door between 2 worlds
Haunted Attic
The Seductress - is she a Siren, a Vampire, a Fae, an Ondine, Demon or Succubus?

School of life in the forest
The Library
The school yard
Unusual classroom locations
Uniforms  for  school
Fantasy School Class photos or student photos for the Year Book

Fantasy Landscapes
The Lake~All scenes must have a pond, lake or stream
Love a Cat (must include a Cat somewhere. Dogs get all the press
Clowns: International Clown Week is August 1-7 - So create your own icon, be they from the era of court jesters to the modern day funny or horror infusions.

Exotic Vacations
Talk to the Animals
Summeand Winter: the meet of 2 hemispheres
Comicon...Portray your favorite Comic Book Character(s) be it hero or villain
Pets~What kind of pet would a Mermaid, or a Fae have. Pick your favorite  fantasy character and give it a pet.

Moonlight Serenade - any creature or group singing or playing music under the moonlight , humans too
Learning to Fly - witches, fae, humans, birds, bats, anything that can fly some way in dreams or otherwise
Robots & Mechs
Fantasy Landscapes
Battle of the Aiko's (Original pinups of any generation of Aiko ( morphs allowed)
Bikini Pin-up Contest
Greek mythology

World Goth Day....May 22nd.....Anything Goth
Twisted fairytales
Greek mythology
Mechs, Machina, and Robots

Grimms' Fairy tales
Steampunk Fantasies
Innocently Naughty
Fantasy Tarot Cards
TWISTED Fairy Tales

Wake up fairies/Fairy's preparing for spring/Fairy awakenings after a long winter hibernation
Grimms' Fairy tales
A Pirate's Life for Me
Artistic Nude

Winter Entities - gods, fae, angels, demons that cause/bring winter
valentine  pinups
Fantasy Pinups
Sci Fi Beauties (Pinups)
Lady  in  red  pin ups

Hell on Heels
Steam Wars (Steampunk)
Elven Conquest
Fantasy babes or brutes done in the style of Boris Vallejo or Julie Bell
Barbarians of fantasy

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Re: Previous Theme Ideas ~ 2016
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2016, 02:46:44 PM »
I voted!   :Hi5:  I didn't know there were so many members here TO vote!   :OMFG:.

McG.   :java:

McG. :grave: :java:


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