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Author Topic: I Need Help with 2 Completely Unrelated Things!  (Read 481 times)

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I Need Help with 2 Completely Unrelated Things!
« on: March 20, 2016, 10:22:32 PM »

I have two completely unrelated questions, so I'll post them in the order of importance to me.

1. I am trying to create a home network between my two computers so that they can share files with each other, and form a two PC render farm for Bryce. I will be using Bryce Lightning to create the render farm. I have a couple of Ethernet cables, and one Ethernet Crossover cable. I have been told different things on different sites, and since both of my computers are running Windows 10 64 bit, I figure that the OS compatibility is 100%.

What I've been told is that I might need and Ethernet cable hub and to use Straight Ethernet cables to it from both PC's. Another told me I could directly connect them with one Straight Ethernet cable and configure each machine with sequential IP addresses and to disable their firewalls to allow both PC's to talk to each other. But the OS they were using for this was Windows 7. Next I was told to use a Crossover Ethernet cable, and do basically the same thing as the second advisor said. Then yet someone else told me, that Windows 10 machines cannot be connected in a home network! That last one seems to me to be dubious at best, because it would be several steps backward in technology, rather than forward as Windows 10 is supposed to be. What is the best way to create a Windows 10 Home Network, and how must I do it?

Now this second question is concerning video formats. I need a good Video Format Converter that I can download for free. Earlier I had done a search and found what I thought was totally free, but after installing it and trying it for conversion from .avi to .mp4, a window pops up and tells me to convert the whole file I need to buy the pro version. I immediately shut the program down and uninstalled it. Then I purged all files related to it from my machine. Deceptive practices like that get me hotheaded! I have something on My PC that has been sitting and waiting to be installed but my research on it turns up vague descriptions of what it is for. It is called TVersitySetup_1_8.exe; an installer for whatever this program is. Apparently it is an old version of Tversity. The thing is I cannot find a definite answer about what it is for or what it does. So this question is actually two:

Is Tversity a video format converter, and if not, what is a good one that is totally free to download?

Thanks in advance for any good answers provided to these questions.
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Online heddheld

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Re: I Need Help with 2 Completely Unrelated Things!
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2017, 07:09:22 PM »

opps got a warning

long long time to answer an sure u had it by now

bryces network render is only good for animations
one comp does frame one other does frame two etc etc

but cycles (others ) do 1 part of an image on one comp an next part on other
this in some cases can make the render slower


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