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Ok, am collecting for the Community Gift Pages and you can follow the link to read about it.

Let me know if you wanna play tooooo.

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Author Topic: September 8, New at our market  (Read 200 times)

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September 8, New at our market
« on: September 07, 2017, 04:34:31 AM »
MH Whimsical Backs [Exclusive]

9 beautiful backgrounds to get lost in thought in.
x6 @ 1000 x 1000px
 x1 each of:
 1000  x 750 px
 1000 x 749 px
 783 x 1000px

Sun Eagle [Exclusive]

Need a Pet or a Transport for your messages then this
 eagle would be just the right thing. an other expansion
 to your Egyptian Series.

Get the full power of WM in this Standalone Figure with a style like a Painting for  Amazing results. The wings have a built in Easy-Pose to get a stunning position in no time.

Pelvis works Independent to make a nice turn.

A Figure that will make your Fantasy Renders look Great in a never seen style.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
 Poser 2014 +++
 Not Supported in Daz Studio
 PC/Mac compatible

Nassir and Piper Bundle

Piper and Nassir are made to compliment each other as well as Piper K4 Freebie.   Piper - Nassir -  may be also purchased separately.

She comes with make-up, eye colors and 2 Orchid Fantasy Textures, one in green and one in purple.

Included in this package for Piper
1 full morph inj
 1 head inj/rem
 1 body inj/rem
 1 torso texture
 1 face texture
 1 limbs texture
 11 eye color options
 7 lip color options
 7 make-up options
 2 Orchid fantasy Textures
 1 Orchid Eye Option
 31 Poser Optimized Mat Files
 31 Daz Optimized Mat Files
Nassir is a realistic and exotic African American character set for M4/H4.
He is optimized to render just as beautifully in DAZ as he will in Poser.
Included in this package
~~~~Nassir  Character ~~~~
1 face inj/rem
 1 body inj/rem
 1 genital inj/rem
 1 torso texture
 1 torso texture bump
 1 face texture
 1 face texture bump
 1 limbs texture
 1 limbs texture bump
 1 lash option
 1 tear texture
 1 beard option
 7 eye color options
 1 Green Orchid fantasy Texture
 1 Blue Orchid fantasy Texture
 1 Orchid Eye Option
 17 Poser Optimized Mat Files
 17 Daz Optimized Mat Files

System Requirements:
PC/Mac compatible
 Michael 4 with M4 Morphs ++
 Hiro Morphs
 V4 and her morphs++
 Poser 6+
 Daz 3+

Piper for K4 and Chibi [Exclusive]

 This is the fantasy and human skin for K4 and Chibi. she can be used alone or with the Nassir M4-H4 and Piper A4 Bundle. All 3 can be gotten separately.

Included in this product:
 7 eye colors
 1 eye default color
 5 lip colors
 1 default lip color
 5 makeup colors
 1 default makeup
 1 orchid skin- blue
 1 orchid skin - green
 1 orchid eye color OFF/ON

 System Requirements:
PC/Mac compatible
 Poser 6+
 Daz 3+

 Usage Tips or Limitations:
-- This package has been tested for Poser 6, and 7, Poser Pro and DAZ|Studio 3, but results will vary between the two programs.
 -- You must have K4 AND K4 Chibi morphs.
 -- After starting a new scene, Load K4, inject K4 morphs++ and inject K4 Chibi morphs . Load Piper K4 by clicking on the seperate face and body injections. Click on the !!Piper K4MAT "button" and that's it. You are ready to let your imagination run wild with Piper K4.
 -- Both Poser and DS shader mats are included and support is offered for both programs.
 -- This package does not include non-shaded mats
Fear not,
You are never alone,
I am there to comfort and guide you...

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Re: September 8, New at our market
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2017, 07:28:06 AM »
And Piper and Nassir are a great a sweet family :smile:


Poser and Daz

Click images to go to SmithMicro and Daz to read all about the programs.

Poser Pro got even better this year.

They have made it easier on content creators by integrating Poser Pro Game Dev into Poser Pro 11.

Now the content creators can create for runtimes and games with only one program!

Poser 11PoserPro 11 Daz Studio--Free