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Author Topic: Awards for the Week of November 18th, 2017  (Read 98 times)

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Online sidherose

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Awards for the Week of November 18th, 2017
« on: November 18, 2017, 02:21:50 PM »
  :thank3: :turkey3a5: :thank3:

Thanksgiving just around the corner. Hope everyone's getting their dinners together. Make sure you have everything you need! Until then, our weekly winners have a little something to feel thankful for! Let's get on with the show!

Who DO we have in the Winners' Circle this week?

Let's begin by clicking on the image names to see the awards in the gallery and wishing our Winners 'Congratulations'!

Don't give up if you weren't chosen this week! You *could* be here next week. It could happen!

SAOTW Winner:

The SAOTW Winner this week is by Neimrok with his story and presentation of a woman who took matters into her own hands in:
"Lady Snowblood"

TOTW Winner this week:

Our ToTW Award winner this week is by one of our newbies here, Sydneykeys with a portrait of a most able looking modern warrior in:

Your Art Winner this week:

Our YOUR ART winner this week is Milos Gulan who has left us a damsel seemingly in distress at the:
"Enchanted Castle".

We hope you will drop by the Gallery or into the Forum in the Winner's Circle (Weekly Contests) to congratulate them!

Keep rendering and Good Luck to you all for next time!

Work that imagination, and let it unfurl! 

Cheers to all our wonderful artists!         :urock:

Offline Aelin

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Re: Awards for the Week of November 18th, 2017
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2017, 04:19:01 PM »
 :congrats: again, and great job Ray!  :grpwave:

Online thelufias

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Re: Awards for the Week of November 18th, 2017
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2017, 06:11:52 PM »
First off..... :mwah:  Thank you Ray for doing those wonderful awards.....and yes folks....as most know, I go to the gallery and view each and every one.....and comment on them....

And CONGRATS to the winners....who should ALSO go and view their awards.  They aren't created by Magic....time is spent on making them just right for each winners creation.....

There....I'll put the soap box aside for a bit....but I'll keep it handy for next time....
We Shall Stand

Online sidherose

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Re: Awards for the Week of November 18th, 2017
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2017, 06:17:22 PM »
Awwww, thank you both :smiley:


Offline Neimrok

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Re: Awards for the Week of November 18th, 2017
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2017, 01:18:07 AM »
 :balloons2:   :ty01:  for the wonderful award, sidherose ! :peek:
The other ones are very beautiful too. :congatz:   :urock:


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