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I think your BOTH in denial.....we all know you both know what creature I speak of  :tearlaugh:

I'm guessing that you do not mean the fluffy little kitty under the steps, right???  :peek:

Essays are fun, J....the one thing I liked in school....but of course it's been a year (or two) since I had to write one...:iminnocent:

Just got a call from the in laws. They'll be here in a bit for coffee and the football game :) Now to figure what I'm making everybody for supper?????

A year or two? Yeah we believe you ... :thud:  I don't even remember writing them in school but then again it has been a couple three centuries ... oops ... I mean decades since high school for me.

Apparently I have to write them in accordance to the APA format and keep it within one page in length, which is a blessing some of these topics are just "out there", like this one; once you read the text you are to write your essay on this question.

How might things have turned out differently for Maya Angelo if, for instance, she had no direction in her life, no support system, or offered no support?

Then this weeks is no better.

Life Direction has three parts: vision, setting goals and a plan of action. Provide a brief description of each three and discuss their importance.

:thud: oh my aching head is all I can say ...

You can use J-ism's and dazzle them into believing whatever it is your not really saying....:java:...It's just big words that impress people, lol

Tried that but got busted for not making the references compliant to the APA standard conventions. Then it had to be using proper grammar and spelling, well as we know I got the spelling part right but that grammar nonsense oh my giddy aunt what a pain. MircoFluff Word does not catch all of the "errors" at least they did turn us on to a online grammar checker so that helped.


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