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...:: Welcome to our annual gift page! ::...

The time for all spirits to come out and play!

Questions or Problems then please CONTACT ME

Come journey through our home. There is so much going on and the residents are restless this time of year. After the smoke clears you will see, well no telling what you will see, but be careful....there are some that are not what they seem to be.

Thank you's go out to all that have participated in this gathering, by conjuring up these goodies for your treat bags: Sanbie, aelin, Amaranth, Prae, Llola Lane, Carolann, M-Callahan, fionathegood , NitaB, Trixie, Howy2012, Napalmarsenal, LadyA, OldFashionedWoman, Charly, Sidhe Rose Graphics,  Agent0013, Angells, RodS, darkangel

blood drip

Cursed Nurse

Thank you all for making this Annual Page a success once more. Have fun and enjoy the goodies and come Dec.1,2015...our Christmas gifts will start.


All gifts have been moved now to Halloween 2015
at the Attic FreeZone

blood drip

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