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...:: Glad you could join us and sorry for the over run crypt but,
the caretaker has gone on a long "vacation". ::...

I will take you to places you have never been
Show you things you have never seen
and I will watch the life run out of you.

excerpt from Ghost Story (movie) see also IMDB

Grisly Reminder by Midnight Syndicate

All items have now been moved to our FreeZone under each respective creator. No registration required, just the ambition to get some goodies for your rendering arsenal. Check out all our freebies at Attic FreeZone   and our FRM Market

Thank you to our fine designers that participated with things
for your creative energies this year:

Agent0013, Amaranth, Prae, NitaB, parkdalegardener, Howy2012, Dollmommy , Aelin, , MtnMist, Sidhe Rose Graphics, M-Callahan, NapalmArsenal, Sanbie, BronzeDragon, Faeryl.Womyn, SpookieLilOne, Dreamweaver Designs, DisparateDreamer, ArtisticCreativity, Carolann, Maggi, Summoner


Please click image to view larger

Old Abandoned Mission Church (Amaranth)
.obj and templates now in same zip

2 Halloween Backgrounds (Dollmommy)

Halloween Witch for Evilinnocence's Witchy Dress V4 (Aelin)

33 Halloween Tubes
Various Creatures (NitaB)

Djed Column (howy2012)
and templates Poser/Daz

A Joker Hat (Prae)
for Jesters, Jokers, Jack-in-the-boxes, Puppets, Clowns and Fools -- fits for V4A4M4H4, Genesis1&2 and Pauline & many more characters -- 4 textures.
PC /Mac compatible -- Poser/Daz Studio

3 Backgrounds (MtnMist)

Conforming Outfit for Mavka (Sanbie)

Poser 4+

Red Naomi Hair
(Sidhe Rose Graphics)

Poser 4+- Daz 3+
Gen 4 Characters

Season of the Witch

Troll Doll Hair Mats

for AprilYsh's Free Troll Hair and hair fits

Quadcopter & Remote Controller

Made for Poser and not tested in DS

Spooked Big Bow Hair

PC and Mac compatible Poser 7+, DazStudio 2.3+ &
Big Bow Hair - Exclusive (NGartplay)

Triskaidekaphobia Circuitry Bump

13 Circuitry style bump and or displacement textures


1 Bracelet
6 Pendants

no textures
any program that can import .obj's

Witches Broom with Iray Materials


Goth for Sanbie's TC37
(Dreamweaver Designs)

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 7+
DAZ 3+
Sanbie's Texture Challenge37 for Dawn

Sanbie's Texture Challenge37 for Dawn

Texture for Amaranth's Old Abandoned Mission Church

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 4+
DAZ 3+
Church from Day 1 Gifts

Tara V4
(Artistic Creativity)

10 White Overlays

Halloween for Sanbie's Mavka's Conforming Outfit

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 4+
Conforming Outfit for Mavka (Sanbie) Day 8 Gift

8 Frames
any program that uses .png

5 Island Hi-Res Backgrounds

Any program that uses .jpg

Little Black Dress+ for Dawn (Amaranth)

PC & Mac compatible
Poser 9+ -- DAZ 4.5+

Halloween Gruggle Textures (Aelin)

PC & Mac compatible
Daz 3+ -- Poser 4+
Gruggle Monk

Blair Witch Textures for Sanbie's Free FaxF Christmas Outfit (Napalmarsenal)

PC & Mac compatible
Daz 3+ -- Poser 4+
Sanbie's Free FaxF Christmas Outfit

3 Backgrounds (Mntmist)

5 Backgrounds (Sidhe Rose Graphics)

Bottle and Cubes .obj's (BronzeDragon)
For most programs that use .obj format.

7 Gear .obj's (BronzeDragon)

For most programs that use .obj format.

8 .jpg backgrounds containing photo images of spooky and creepy trees (Napalmarsenal)

All backgrounds are photo images
at 2592 X 1936

Poses for Sid (Aelin)

Required: Daz 3 + Poser 4 + Second Sid base, by MortemVetus

Halloween Backgrounds and Swirls (darkangel)

3 backgrounds (Mtnmist)

2 bgs 2500 x 3000
1 bg 2500 x 2500

12 Rings [.obj's] (BronzeDragon)

7 Wrecked and 13 Warped Backgrounds (FaerylWomyn)

Not all shown

Staffs and Wand (Aelin)

Daz 3+ & Poser 11

MASKerade (LolaLane)

7 Hi-Res Backgrounds (FaerylWomyn)

Noline Character Texture
for Mavka/Minwee (Maggi)

PC/Mac Compatible
Poser 4+
Not tested in DS but should work

In case you would like to leave a word for our participants, please feel free to send me a message here...


I will be happy to pass the information onto the participant(s) of your choice.

Thank you for visiting our gift page and hope you come to the Christmas one in December too.

From SheilaD: Many thanks for the artists/vendors of the Halloween goodies. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!

From Fafnir: thank you all for the Halloween goodies it is much appreciated

From Heitaikai: Thank You very much for the nice gifts and Happy Halloween

From McGrandpa: Are we there yet? Thank you ALL for your generosity!

From MichelleA (RedEyeCat): Thanks to all those who provided free gifts. Much awesomeness and much appreciation! :)

From LlolaLane: woo hoot.. Thank you KINDLY everyone for the great gifts.... Just need to add them to my runtime and I'm ready to share some creations!!! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

From KateS (shatteredmuse): Thank you to all of you who donated their hard work for the halloween freebie page. It's always very much enjoyed and greatly appreciated.

From catlin_mc: A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this lovely party of wickedness, great job done by all.

From Jherrith: My thanks to each and every one of our members who took the time to create and share some truly grand gifts with all here.

From GuardianAngel671: Thankies to everyone involved for the halloween goodies:)

Thank you to all who shared all the lovely gifts...much appreciated

Thank you for all sharing packs this year again!

From Jenne: My thanks to all those generous people for sharing their goodies with us, BIG THANK YOU and very much appreciated.


A Big Thank YOU, Thank you to all of the gifters for such wonderful work. Such a nice range of items
Lonnie Bullington

Thank you all for the awesome Halloween Treasures!!

Fantastic shares by all involved!! Thank you all so very much

To the other suppliers of goodies - thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

To those of you who thanked us, you are most welcome.

To everyone in general - I do hope you were able to use the items I supplied, and I am very interested to see what you do with them.


Just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely Halloween gifts from everyone, its very much appreciated!
Sonja IceDragonArt

Happy Halloween!!!


Hell Horse (Summoner)

Has been relocated to our Market with his other goodies

Fully Articulated Cloth with own Bones to adapt the Leg movements and all needed adjustment Dials to get the best for your Scenes. Not just a Horse A Hell Horse like none found Before

Poser 2014 +++
NOT Tested in DS
PC/Mac compatible

It has been tried & works fine in DS4. You have to manually add the normal, specular, and ambient maps. Thanks RedEyeCat!

Happy Halloween

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