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January 2022 Contest

Hammer ~ Deep Winter ~ Walking the ...

Well, here it is a start to a new year, Lord hopes that this time around we can get a year with out a high level of crazy attached to it this time. One can hope, right?

Anyway you have chores and tasks to do namely it is time to walk the ... is it a dog, a cat, a horse, or dragon ... wait what? You do know that technically dragons do not exist and are not pets. What do you mean, tell that to my unicorn? Oh come on you lot ... oh never mind ... please just exercise them and if they or when they, make a mess or shall we say "leave a present" in someone's field, please clean up after them ... ugh that is certainly a picture we should not dwell on.

Anyway time to show us how you exercise your pets, be it a leisurely stroll or a hold onto your underwear dragged around the city rapidly. We want to see them.

Three entries per person. Original work of yours, not entered elsewhere. Will run till Jan. 31st at midnight Eastern.

The Album is HERE

Weekly Winners
January 09, 2022


Vigilant by reserv888




Evil but still so cute...by Nemesis



Art Challenge

Satisfaction by Wizzard

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