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Community Gift Pages Roundup

Holiday gift gathering has begun! "

Our gathering is starting off with a bang already. We gather items for Halloween and then for Christmas Community Pages so that everyone intersted can gather goodies.

What can you give, ANYTHING you can create yourself, our gifts are not "themed" but it is always nice to have some for the season intended also. Backgrounds of many kinds, Textures for clothing, characters, props, toons or for general use (adding textures to anything in the material room), Poses and morphs for toons, creatures, characters...and many more ideas can be found by following the link above.

The deadline for Halloween is September 25 but I will take things right up to Halloween. Please let Darkangel [ comartdw @ cableone.net ] know if you would like to participate also and spread the word that we take donations for these 2 events from non-members also.

Everything must be zipped for use, the item and a read-me explaining your terms of use. I will need an image of what you are giving about 1000x1000px being the largest, no need for small images the system will re-size them.

Please let us know here if you will be able to participate and for which month or both.

Thank you in advance for the assist to make the gifts possible.

September 2020 Contest

Elient~13th Annual Magical School Daze~Haunted School~ "

We have a small treat for thee this year, your school, if you were not aware of it before, you are now, IS HAUNTED !!!

Yes, haunted. Not in the ordinary way mind you, but by some unusual ghosts. Remember all those kids you went to school with and how many tried out for cheer-leading, but did not make the squad?

What would happen if all of those high-schooler's that tried out and never achieved their dreams have passed away, but still regretted never being able to cheer their school on to victory and wish to.

Or worse still, if they still held a grudge because they did not make the squad.

What do you think might occur on nights when the veil between worlds is thin?

Perhaps those ghostly cheerleader hopefuls will come forth and go through their routines and well, show off their skill or lack of ... or seek revenge on the cheerleaders who did make it.

However, they are all ghosts, so keep that in mind while you create your entries for the 13th Annual Magical School Daze Contest.

The normal rules still apply, must be original work, not entered elsewhere and (3) three pictures per artist. Starts on the 1st and will end at midnight Sept 30th EST.

Enter often and of course have fun.

The album is found here HERE

Weekly Winners
September 18, 2020


Keep the Magic Alive by Xansplace




Worlds Beyond by Scouseaphrenia



Your Art

Hope I get it Right this Time by Jherrith

Your Art

"August 2020 Contest Winners":

Eleasis ~ High Sun ~ Inspired by the Orient ~

1st Place:
Sunset Kimono by Dhouck

1st Place


2nd Place:
Godzilla Returns by Wingedwolf

2nd Pace


3rd Place:
Serious Samurai by Myquad

3rd Pace


4th Prize:
Fire Odaiko in the Round by Wizzard

4th Place

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