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Christmas page link : HERE!

Gifts have started to get posted and will continue until December 31. Come have fun with us and see what gifts our many creators have made just for you.

Christmas Drive: items get accepted until Dec. 31 -- Participants can give ANYTHING you can create yourself.

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December 2023 Contest

Winter Wonderland

Since this is the last contest of the year ..... it's only fitting that we let YOU choose what your scene will be for our WINTER WONDERLAND Contest. Some ideas that comes to mind are Ice Skating, Sledding, Snow Ball fights, Making a Snow Man, Shoveling your vehicle out of a snowbank.....The possibilities are limitless.

The only requirement we have is the theme you choose must be WINTERY which means SNOW MUST BE PRESENT....How much snow is up to you. We are aware that not everyone gets snow in the Winter....but this is make believe...pretend you live in the snowiest place on earth.

Five (5) Images are allowed for this contest. They must be original and not posted in a contest anywhere else.

Have fun.....

The Album is HERE

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The prizes are:
1 item from Fantasies Realm Market
3 from our Sponsors Page

Our Main Monthly Contests have 3- 5 placements from 1ST Place to 5TH Place [depending on the occasion] !

We have non-member judges decide who wins.

No one plays favorites, here.


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