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FRM Designers

Halloween Community Gifts

I have started to gather items for our Annual page of gifts and just want to make sure every can see about it. If you know someone that you like to see participate then please let me know or ask them to come take a look.

If you are a participant to the freebies, what can you give? ANYTHING you can create yourself. Despite the season(s), our gifts aren't "themed", but it's always nice to have some things of teh season intended You can go here to read all about it.

Deadline to get the gifts to DarkAngel for the page is Halloween: September 25, but I do accept items right up until October 31. You can contact me by email -- at Daz forums or Renderosity forums (darkangel612 at both those places).

Thanks in advance for your contributions.

September 2021 Contest

Elient ~ 14th Annual Magical School Daze ~ Monster High

Welcome each of thee it is time for one of the "annual" contests that has proven to be well received, our Magical School Daze contest.

This year is no different and why would that be? Well, because our theme is "Monster High" which that opens up the contest in multiple ways, one you could have real monster appearing characters going to school, or you could have monsters suppressing their monster form while going to school and mingling with humans, or one or several of the teachers could be monsters. Then you could also have true human teachers so fascinated by monsters that they try to have interviews with "monsters" to learn more about them.

So many ways to approach this one that your only problem will be deciding how to show us what happens at the Monster High in you neighborhood.

Three images per person, not previously entered here or at any other site, original work only, contest runs from September 1st till the 30th at midnight Eastern.

The Album is HERE

Weekly Winners
September 25, 2021


Prehistoric Princess from Another World by M-Callahan




Portal Translation by Scouseaphrenia



Fantasy Art Contest

The Look In Her Eyes by Paul

Fantasy Art

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