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Gift Time Has Started for Christmas!

Here is the link for more information: Holiday Gift Gathering.


December 2022 Contest

Nightal ~ The Drawing Down ~ A Steampunk Christmas

Steampunk: Basically is a past, future or post-apocalyptic age, where steam power has maintained mainstream usage, or possibly in a fantasy world that employs steam power.

Yes, the word means and encompasses many things. From the style of dress, technology, buildings, flight, and over-the-road travel.

But what we are looking for is how your Steampunk World would look during the Christmas Season. You can do this by decorating a Steampunk Village, the inside of a Steampunk abode, Steampunk Holiday Fashions (including pinups), Shopping Malls, etc.

As long as you have the two items we are looking for, "Steampunk" and "Christmas" in your creation....you're good to go.

The Album is HERE

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November 26, 2022

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