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Heels and steel2 commentsreserv888May 23, 2017
Shadow2 commentsRadkresMay 22, 2017
Chair1 commentsRadkresMay 22, 2017
Grey Forest Dryad7 commentsAgent0013May 18, 2017
The Fairy and The Robin Red Breast9 commentsCarolannMay 18, 2017
My life is like a butterfly8 commentsArtienneMay 18, 2017
The Dying Heart11 commentsCarolannMay 18, 2017
Battle Wounds11 commentsangellsgraphicsMay 16, 2017
Welcome to the Funhouse8 commentsCathyYMay 15, 2017
Welcome to Perdition ( Patrol of the Thought Police)6 commentsM-CallahanMay 13, 2017
Alluring6 commentsDollmommyMay 13, 2017
Emireth10 commentsAmirAMay 13, 2017
One of us is Going to Boot Hill and it Ain't Going to be Me9 commentsM-CallahanMay 13, 2017
Sharp Knives and the Familiar Taste of Poison7 commentsNapalmarsenalMay 12, 2017
Adonis5 commentsAmirAMay 11, 2017
Shy Heat7 commentsAgent0013May 09, 2017

Mirtul ~ The Melting ~ An Exercise in Black and White with just one spot ... May Contest 2017


This months contest deals with the world of Black and White....Be it a portrait, a panoramic scene, a fantasy character, or animal....they must be in black or white....


You do get a chance to put just a hint of color in your submission. Yes, just one touch of color, for example let us say you decide to submit a portrait then only one spot of color in the black and white photo, say their eyes or maybe a piece of jewelry. What happens if you decide to do a garden of flowers in bloom, just one flower or blossom can have that spot of color to brighten it.

Again, the point is that there can be only a hint of color in the black and white image.

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Tarsakh ~ The Claws of Storms ~ All Things Winged ~ April 2017 Contest ~ ENDED~


Ah yes, the rites of Spring are upon us and things are beginning to bloom, blossom and turn green once again.

There is a dilemma though, and that is the amount of flying creatures that come out this time of year. Such beings that are winged be they humanoid, avian, insect, mythical have a tendency to not always be wholesome. Most are mind you, but a few are ever so far off the mark. But guess what? Their depiction in this contest is allowed, and we encourage each of you to think beyond that ever so tiny little box.

All of thee know that "winged" persons or creatures can take many forms. So do you desire angels, demons, birds, insects, or perhaps creature of unknown description?

It is your choice! All Things ... as long as they have wings ... that is. It would be nice that your creations are shall we say living beings, but if your muse leads you down a path of the inanimate and there are wings associated with or enabling said object to fly then who am I to say no to thee?

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