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Celebrating fall9 commentsNemesisNov 15, 2018
Autumn Picnic7 commentsdeeleelaw57Nov 13, 2018
Waking up7 commentsAelinNov 13, 2018
The Archer's Ride in the Morningmist6 commentsUteBigSmileNov 12, 2018
Fall Feline4 commentsmyquadNov 09, 2018
The Aina's Midsummerdance6 commentsUteBigSmileNov 09, 2018
The apple Thief6 commentsUteBigSmileNov 09, 2018
Promised Land (TGIF)8 commentsoldeekdogNov 09, 2018
Autumn decoration8 commentsHeitaikaiNov 09, 2018
Colors of fall - Kali and Kelm7 commentsrenecyberdocNov 09, 2018
Harvest of fairies10 commentsAelinNov 08, 2018
Leaf Fae7 commentsRadkresNov 08, 2018
Hunting Enemies7 commentsAgent0013Nov 05, 2018
Second Childhood8 commentssidheroseNov 03, 2018
The Archer9 commentsHeitaikaiNov 03, 2018
Fall Arrow8 commentsRadkresNov 02, 2018

Uktar ~ The Rotting ~ The Colors of Fall ~ November 2018


Well met weary travelers and welcome to the new contest for the month of Uktar. It is autumnal season or fall and the leaves are changing as are the rest of the growing things. Late harvest are being gathered as we speak and folks round here are getting ready for another winter season.

Before that though we have a little challenge for you to partake in and that is this months contest.

The Colors of Fall

Yes, simple enough as the only must have in your picture is that is be portrayed with fall colors, you know the ones, your oranges, yellows, reds and browns and all colors in between.

So whatever your main focus is in the scene, that is your choice. All characters are welcome in the scenes, including elves, humans, or any other race. It is the coloration or mood and lighting of the scene that must convey the season of Fall and all of its majestic colors and tones.

This shall start on the 1st and run until midnight on the 30th.

You are allowed up to three images only and they must be original and not posted in a contest elsewhere.

Enter often and have fun.

18 files, last one added on Nov 15, 2018
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Marpenoth ~ The 11th Annual Feast of the Moon ~ Something Scary this way Comes ~ Oct 2018 Contest ~ENDED~


Welcome to the month of Marpenoth, the month of "the Feast of the Moon" yes, typically that time when one spends time the nights telling tales of their ancestors and the deeds performed by them.

This year there have been many strange and disturbing portents in the sky, meteor showers, conjunctions and even an eclipse that was not foreseen.

They do say the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest during this month and with the additional odd and scary thing going on in the town, like the old woman wandering about the cemeteries in the evening, and what's with all the fairies roaming about the older houses and estates.

What can we say there is certainly something scary coming this way ... and it is your job to show us just exactly what is frightening everyone in the town.

Standard rules apply: original work only, and not entered in another contest elsewhere. Up to five (5) entries per person are allowed.

You have until midnight EDT Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 to submit your entries.

Enter often and have fun ... now on to the prizes for you.

55 files, last one added on Oct 30, 2018
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Marpenoth ~ The 11th Annual Feast of the Moon ~ "By the Firelight" ~ Oct. 2018 Contest ~ENDED~


There is something magical about firelight that draws curious things that are curious beings themselves toward it. Perhaps it is a campfire in the forest, or a light in a window. It may be the cheery glow of an inviting hearth where children hear tales of witches, wizards, the fae, monsters, demons and angels that find their way into the firelight, or fall beneath the shadow of a single candle in a dark room.

What dreams and nightmares unfold in the firelight? Is it a conflagration, or a single taper? What strange beings cross the boundary between worlds on the night of All Hallows Eve - the spookiest night of the year?

Candles, Candelabrum, Oil Lamps, Torches, Hurricane Lamps and Hearthfires are the allowed lighting.

What magical scenes could you conjure, that happened to you or another in the flickering shadows and dancing flames of such old lights on such old, cold nights?

Welcome to our 11th Annual Feast of the Moon "By the Firelight" October Contest 2018

Once more the standard rules apply: original work only, and not entered in another contest elsewhere. Up to five (5) entries per person are allowed.

You have until midnight EDT Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 to submit your entries.

37 files, last one added on Oct 31, 2018
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