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Last additions - Monthly Duels
Vintage2 commentsHeitaikaiJan 18, 2018
A Warm Friend4 commentssidheroseJan 17, 2018
The Lady In White5 commentsNeimrokJan 16, 2018
I Don't Need a Coat, I Need a Push.2 commentsAngellsGraphicsJan 16, 2018
Winter is Over Rated6 commentsJherrithJan 15, 2018
So not Happening4 commentsJherrithJan 15, 2018
Delicious coffee4 commentsMarciaGomesJan 15, 2018
Can you pull me?5 commentsMarciaGomesJan 15, 2018
Oops !!!! I lost my clothes3 commentsMarciaGomesJan 15, 2018
Hot bomb5 commentsNemesisJan 14, 2018
And one more try, this time with friends5 commentsrrkknight3Jan 14, 2018
Winter Blues6 commentsAngellsGraphicsJan 13, 2018
Glass Cutters6 commentsdRaCXJan 13, 2018
Frozen4 commentsreserv888Jan 10, 2018
Winter Adventure6 commentsMilosGulanJan 10, 2018
Baby it's Cold Outside!5 commentsRadkresJan 09, 2018

Hammer ~ Baby It's Cold Outside! January 2018 Contest


Hammer ~ Deep Winter ~ Baby It's Cold Outside! ~ January 2018 Contest

Was a hard fought voting race and was literally down to the wire but by the slimmest of margins "Winter Pin ups" won out with "Expressions" a close second.

However don't think that is going to make it any easier for you. Winter Pin ups sounds easy enough. Pin ups in a winter setting thank goodness we work with digital models as I do not think a real person, male or female would take kindly to posing outside in a winter setting for any length of time.

Now just to make it interesting, please try to add a little bit of an expression to your character. Expressions can cover the entire spectrum what one feels, thinks or experiences in any situation.

Pin Up creations can include animals, critters, creatures of the forest, monsters and other folks as long as the main character is the Pin Up in a WINTER setting, be it Male or Female.

Standard rules apply as always, up to three entries per member, not entered in a contest anywhere else and must be original work.

This shall run until midnight January 31st.

28 files, last one added on Jan 18, 2018
Album viewed 36 times

Nightal ~ The Drawing Down ~ Christmas Cards from the Attic ~ Dec. 2017 Contest ~ ENDED ~


Welcome to the winter months with many holiday's and celebrations observed around the world.

This time according to the magic mirror of votes from all within the Attic, Christmas Cards is this months theme.

So work it any way you want, traditional, ... what tradition, which tradition, whose tradition?

Which means the actual imagery you have on your card is your decision, just try to bring a bit of your version of the holidays into your work.

So if winter landscapes work for you, cool. A card wishing one well during the season go ahead. A combination of winter faes traipsing about a winters landscape why of course by all means.

What ever winter holiday style imagery you desire to use, you may, as there are as many different ways to wish one well during the winter season as there are snowflakes in a snowman ... or something like that ...

So running till midnight on December 31st, up to three entries per person, and all original work not entered in any other contest.

34 files, last one added on Dec 30, 2017
Album viewed 67 times

Nightal ~ The Drawing Down ~ Fairies of Winter ~ Dec. 2017 Contest~ ENDED ~


Welcome, and good day to each and everyone of thee. It is the time of Winter once more, and there is activity going on right before our very eyes.

What's that...you don't see them? Why, they're everywhere: young ones, old ones, big ones, small ones, some as big as a...well, you get my point.

It's that time of year when all the faeries you have ever heard about that enjoy the snow and ice of the months that mark the end of one year and the start of the next come out and go about their business.

So we want to see the winter fairies that reside in your art, and imagination.

So running till midnight on December 31st, up to three entries per person, and all original work not entered in any other contest.

32 files, last one added on Dec 30, 2017
Album viewed 75 times

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