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Last additions - Monthly Duels
Better Behave2 commentsBronzeDragonSep 21, 2018
Swimming teacher5 commentsAelinSep 19, 2018
Sister Mary Margret1 commentsdeeleelaw57Sep 16, 2018
The Hot Stunt Teacher6 commentssidheroseSep 16, 2018
Home-Ec Teacher4 commentsthekatsterSep 15, 2018
How to control fire6 commentsHeitaikaiSep 15, 2018
Caught day dreaming4 commentsWingedwolfSep 11, 2018
Teen Crush After School Volunteer5 commentsAgent0013Sep 09, 2018
Oracle of Fire7 commentsMilosGulanSep 08, 2018
Miss Hornsby, the Elemental professor3 commentsWingedwolfSep 08, 2018
Aegis Shield Defense Training - Advanced (Level 5)6 commentssidheroseSep 05, 2018
Steamed Princible3 commentsdeeleelaw57Sep 04, 2018
The new teacher11 commentsAelinSep 01, 2018
Ready to action5 commentsAA3DstudioAug 31, 2018
Sci-Fi Warrior 25 commentsreserv888Aug 31, 2018
Asteroid Lounge3 commentsdeeleelaw57Aug 30, 2018

Elient ~ The 11th Annual Magical School Daze ~ Hot Teacher ~ Sept. 2018 Contest


The year might be fading away, but a new school year has begun which means children of all types, real or mythical, will be starting school.

So back to the class room and the books ... now you in the back row will you pay attention instead of fantasizing about the teacher .... yes we know that they are hot in the traditional sense but really all the staring and squirming in your seat.

You are on the fast track to the (naughty) corner with the dunce cap on thy head.

However "hot" is a relative term. What if you are in your elementalist class learning how to control fire and as way of a demonstration your teacher wraps themselves in a pillar of fire? That would definitely be one 'hot' teacher.

Possibilities abound for those of you that call this place home.

13 files, last one added on Sep 21, 2018
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Eleasis ~ High Sun ~ Sci_Fi Warrior's through Time & Space ... ~ August Contest 2018 --- ENDED ---


Tis war, across all times and species that exist. Specifically all versions of warriors that exist within the Sci-Fi realms of imagination.

The nice thing about the word "warrior" is that it can mean any class or sub-class of fighters. Male, female, or who knows what...

So a battle knight from the 32nd century with ray guns and atomic weaponry, go for it.

A space traveling pirate searching for the lengendary space ship filled with treasure from hundreds of succesful campaigns waged in the distant past. Go for it.

Any race, any gender any species ... go for it.

Standard rules apply, three entries per person. This contest shall end on August 31st at Midnight EDT. Must be original and not entered in a contest anywhere else.

41 files, last one added on Aug 31, 2018
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