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Those Pesky Uninvited Guest on Halloween Eve2 commentsM-CallahanOct 21, 2017
Journey To Hell3 commentsCarolannOct 20, 2017
The Banshee4 commentsWingedwolfOct 18, 2017
Decideadly Dreadful 7 commentsNapalmarsenalOct 18, 2017
Do the dishes!3 commentsHeitaikaiOct 18, 2017
This is my creepy Halloween 3 commentsUteBigSmileOct 18, 2017
Halloween Sweet Tooth!3 commentsRadkresOct 17, 2017
Dark Fae in the forest6 commentsAelinOct 17, 2017
Unmasked Halloween3 commentsRadkresOct 16, 2017
Reflection of a Vampire3 commentsWingedwolfOct 16, 2017
Meeting the Erlking5 commentsDreamerOct 15, 2017
The Vampire's Minions5 commentsWingedwolfOct 15, 2017
Silent secret7 commentsAelinOct 15, 2017
Cindehella5 commentsmidnightvelvetOct 15, 2017
Morticia7 commentsmidnightvelvetOct 15, 2017
Halloween Reflection5 commentsRadkresOct 15, 2017

Marpenoth ~ 10th Annual Feast of the Moon ~ Gothic Halloween ~ Oct. 2017 Contest


Welcome folks, tis the fall season, with Halloween around the corner, the time when the veil between this world of the living and the world of the dead is thinly stretched and passage twixt the two is possible.

Gothic means different things to everyone, there is the architecture of the period that comes to mind. These days, it is a fashion statement with quite a following.

Then there is the version that I prefer, gothic in the manner of the subtle, the barely hinted at, the breath at the back of your neck with no source.

Yes, the type of gothic that does not rely on violence of a physical nature to scare, but uses your mind, emotions and fears against you.

So your challenge is this: "How will you depict the GOTHIC side of Halloween?"

30 files, last one added on Oct 21, 2017
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Marpenoth ~ 10th Annual Feast of the Moon ~ Dark Fae ~ Oct. 2017 Contest


In olden times the Feast of the Moon was a night of feasting and the telling of tales of battles and hero's long past.

Many tales were told of how in ages past battles were waged against evil and creatures of malign intent.

Some battles were against fae folk that were of a darker nature then those that were perceived as kind and helpful. Such as the Boggies, Bogles, Boggarts, Abby Lubers, Brownies and many others. The more malevolent ones, Erlking, Mogwai and the Yaksha for example ... well let us say ... best notify your next of kin if you run afoul of one of them.

So your challenge is to shine light on the members of the dark fae races and just what goes on during the night hours among them or just how can you escape their attention ... especially if it is unwanted .....

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Elient ~ 10th Annual Magical School Daze ~ The Haunted School ~ September Contest 2017 ~ ENDED ~


Elient ~ 10th Annual Magical School Daze ~ The Haunted School ~ September Contest 2017

Welcome each and every one of thee, it is time for the Annual Magical School Daze contest. This time it is our tenth anniversary year we are in the middle of, and that means school has started once more.

Sucks to be a transfer student does it not? Yes folks you just got transferred and boy the rumors that are flying about your new school.

First, there is a story about a dancing skeleton whenever you enter the science lab. Could be innocent or maybe not ... then there is this rumor about a painting of a previous head master with a runny nose ... a painting ....

How is that possible unless, there is some truth to the rumors of the school being haunted by well, exactly what ... not entirely certain ... then again if you believe in the spirit world with ...ghosts .... specters ... or ???

There you have it ... is the school truly haunted or is it just your imagination.

So welcome to our 10th Annual Magical School Daze "The Haunted School" September Contest 2017

Once more the standard rules apply, original work only, not posted in another contest else where, up to three entries only per person. You have until midnight EDT September 30th to submit your entries.

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