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Come Quickly!70 views4 commentsrrkknight3Jun 05, 2021
A Knock65 views1 commentsrrkknight3Jun 05, 2021
What's Happening?64 views1 commentsrrkknight3Jun 05, 2021
Reactions66 views2 commentsrrkknight3Jun 05, 2021
The Armor Appears71 views1 commentsrrkknight3Jun 05, 2021
Well Now70 views3 commentsrrkknight3Jun 04, 2021
We Had No Idea59 viewsrrkknight3Jun 04, 2021
Visitors65 views1 commentsrrkknight3Jun 04, 2021
Awakening57 viewsrrkknight3Jun 04, 2021
Wireless Charging60 views1 commentsrrkknight3Jun 04, 2021
Are You There?63 views3 commentsrrkknight3Jun 03, 2021
Back for 18-SOL56 viewsrrkknight3Jun 03, 2021
Onward to the ER59 viewsrrkknight3Jun 03, 2021
Be Careful!55 viewsrrkknight3Jun 03, 2021
Unloading the Patient56 viewsrrkknight3Jun 03, 2021
Where Is the Hospital Crew?69 views3 commentsrrkknight3Jun 02, 2021

Shopping in New York


She had been in a near fatal vehicle accident when she was young that had crushed her arms and legs beyond repair. Her limbs had been replaced with robotic elements. She had implants to allow her control of the replacement limbs. The implants also allowed her to communicate with the Station's AI's directly.

As she had grown she had to have the limbs replaced with larger ones both to retain her appearance and to allow fine control over her heavier body.

One morning while working on the hydroponics that was Eve's job on the Station, 12-RL reported "You have hydraulic fluid on the back of your leg."

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A Voyage to Arcturus


The Antares, a class 2 transport starship, was scheduled to deliver supplies and equipment to the four colonies that had been established on the partially terraformed Arcturus 4.

As was usual in a newly established colonial planet there were challenges. Some of the local fauna were quite large and aggressive. While there was plenty of subterranean water, the surface was mostly a smooth densely packed soil. Grass has been established but was spreading slowly.

Most concerning, though, were the reports that unknown ships with the Caleuche drive signatures were active in the Arcturus system. What wasn't know was whether these were Caleuche ships or just ships that they had supplied to their allies.

2-BLUE-885 had been on patrol all night. His power supplies needed renewal. Over the ship's network he received orders to check for unusual activity. With an internal sigh, he started with the medical quarters.

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What Waiting Brings


The ship had docked with Solaris Station days ago. The station commander had been away groundside on some odd duty.The Ensign would not tell the Captain exactly what.

The damage to the shuttle was clearly battle damage but the Captain was intending to pass it off as an accidental encounter with the starship's maneuvering engines.

The Captain looked up as a human female stormed towards him, looking very much like she meant to do serious harm to someone very soon.

Where was the Commander?

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Aquarius Dawn


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